4 Extraordinary Chess Problems


0:00 Intro
1:28 Puzzle 1
5:49 Puzzle 2
11:35 Puzzle 3
17:05 Puzzle 4

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  1. The 3rd puzzle is amazing, 1 Bishop against a whole calvary

  2. Solved 1st, knew 2nd, for 3rd I did not find the mating net idea until you said "we queen anyway" and from there i found the solution, Solved 4th. I solved 1st and 4th rather fast, 4th was easiest for me.

  3. [Edit: So, I missed the en passant bit; indeed, with h3, there is still Kg5.] The last puzzle is easy. The pawn has to be on h3 (so, I guess I place it on h2 and play h3). Black has only one legal move, which is to take the pawn with his g pawn, after which Bxg6 (conveniently, the rook now defends the bishop) is checkmate. Placing the pawn on f3 won't work because it will be taken with check. Anything else and either the king escapes to g5 or it's stalemate.

  4. Puzzle 3 is the perfect example of what they teach in class vs what they ask in exams😂😂

  5. I had some trouble with the second puzzle because the computer made a couple different moves.

  6. l have watched a lot of your videos this is the best

  7. Only got the last one, and had seen first to third before ( but not solved successfully) More vids like this pls!!

  8. why does the third puzzle promote to knight instead of queen?

  9. I am, very confused in the first puzzle, why dont just Qf5, ke7/ke8, and then mate it with Qf7?

  10. i actually got h2, but the problem is in my mind when i put the pawn down that black than moves so the king would be on g5, so u put the pawn down on h2 and than g5, i honestly dont know if thats a w or nah but idk, also i challenge anyone here that can get a M3

  11. Can someone tell me on the last composition why we can't put the pawn on h3 ?

  12. Not as good as the position i unknowingly put my opponent in it was mate in two and only legal move was en passant, it was also check. We "stared" at each other like is the game broken? It is mate right? After a minute or so he moved and I would have laughed if i wasn't shocked by actually making an en passant a forced move 😀 😀 😀 😀

  13. I remember these puzzles… oh yes that one no grandmaster or best players couldnt solve… let me remember this… if i can… knight to f6… then H5… ik bishop dont work cause of knight blocks it can but it wont work… maybe… gosh this is so old thats why its a goat puzzle…

  14. Didn't knew en passant exists until i saw this video

  15. On the last puzzle
    Put a pawn on h4 or f4 then be6
    Ph5 forced and then bf7 mate
    Doesn’t it work?

  16. for puzzle 2 knight c4 was top move after rook a1 still wins for white but not as stylish

  17. I got a modern chess openings book, i played a game, i lost, i burned the book

  18. And for the fourth, I totally forgetted about en passant. Else, I knew I needed to block the g5 square with the pawn.

  19. i just want to say… there was also the option, in the last puzzle, to put the pawn on h2 and move the bishop to e8. that way the g6 pawn is still pinned, so the only legal move is still to take on h3. the solution given was, of course, a lot more beautiful, but there is this solution for somebody who couldn't have seen the en passant.

  20. that first puzzle was actually so fun to solve as a 1400, took me 5 minutes and at the end i was going "damn that was crazy"

  21. I found another solution for the last puzzle!!! 17:09
    place pawn on f4 and play bishop to g8 in order to unpin the black pawn. black moves the g6 pawn (only legal move) and then you place your bishop back to f7 and voilah

  22. The last puzzle was the true origin for Anarchychess

  23. I saw the rook sac in the second puzzle, but I would have never guessed that sacrificing the queen as well was the solution!

  24. Can you imagine being black in the first puzzle and actually playing that out? That would be some masochistic shit right there.

  25. Love these puzzles…Was so proud of myself for just getting one correct!

  26. Wait but in puzzle #3 when Gotham says 'and nothing can stop us' can't the knight on c1 go to e2 and then take the pawn on g3?

  27. In puzzle 3,what about Kf7 after Bb5??? ……… It stops the immediate Be8 mate but also challenges check in the next move ( Kd6 check ) if Ba4 ………. Someone pls solve this variation for me

  28. OH MY GOSH I FEEL SOOO GOOD I FOUND QUEEN G5 IN PUZZLE 2!!!!!!! I feel so proud

  29. I saw that last one in 10 seconds…
    That's was easy and sorry

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