3000 rated puzzle in 2 moves! #chess #puzzle #shorts

Can you believe a 2 move puzzle is 3000 rated? Yes, here we go! After this watch the tactic play list of the channel!


  1. THE QUUUEEEEENNNQxh5, eating the knight and sacrificing the Queen, if the pawn takes, we have Bxh7# eating the pawn and giving checkmate. If the pawn does not take, we have Qxh7# which is eating the pawn on h7 and giving checkmate to Black

  2. Is this a guaranteed 2-move checkmate?? If 1) Qxh5…..Ph6, then what is white's 2nd move for checkmate?

  3. Queen takes knight if pawn doest take queen's takes h7 mate. If pawn takes Bishop takes h7 mate

  4. if ur playing as white then rook takes knight, pawn takes rook, bishap takes pawn at h7 and thats a checkmate

  5. The queen is better as it threatens mate tSo u have to take contrary to the rook

  6. Knight to h7 and king takes knight then rook to h5

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