3000 IQ Chess Puzzle

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  1. I didn’t see the room tbh, I was looking for queen moves.

  2. correct move will be pawn to f6 forcing the queen to take then queen to e2 then king have only two moves either take the pawn or go to g1 either way the next move will be checkmate

  3. The one time I thought I saw the right set of moves and Levi shits down my throat. Madge I hate chess LOL

  4. I see f6 shifting the queens focus from the e2 square and delivering a check with your own queen?
    Edit: yes and if queen decides to stay on the e file then rook h2 is okay now.

  5. The correct move is to take the rook, if white takes the rook then it's mate in 3.

    1. … Rxh1 2. Kxh1 Qh3+ 3. Kg1 Qh2+ 4. Kf1 Qf2#

  6. Nah bro I just hit 1400 and this just shot my confidence levels back down to 600

  7. Rook to H2?!?!? Im guessing because rook take pawn take king take pawn and then rook to H8 mate

  8. The evaluation said mate in 3 💀

  9. 😂😂😂 this was amazing. I fell for it tbh

  10. So many wins, after Kxh2. Qh4+ and f6 both work I believe.

  11. I think its black rook takes rook then if king takes then Queen A3 if king moves b1 then queen goes A2 check if king moves C1 then queen c2 checkmate if the rook was taken by the other rook then idk

  12. Correct move is Rook to G8 than H8 because check mate is unstoppable no matter what move white plays

  13. Chat:ha i predicted it
    Levy:jokes on u i predicted ur prediction and make u like an idiot

  14. White cant stop checkmate if rook g8. If queen moves and guards checkmate square, rook h8 mate

  15. Man thats messed up😢

    Im out here actually thinking i got it right😂

  16. Very simple rg8 and mate is unstoppable 😑🥱 levy☕☕

  17. My inner THE ROOK sacrifice technique started running

  18. Best move Qe2 ang if he takes the pawn then rook g8 checkmate but if he not takes instead back the king then Qe2 checkmate

  19. Black: rook a to g8
    White has no winning move
    White can go to rook to a to g1 but black queen can slide to h4 checkmate

  20. Wrong, I would fork the knight with queen to e2 and lose it

  21. Solution: pawn f6, queen f6, queen e2 check, king g1, queen f2 mate.

  22. Dude, im 1700 and 2600 puzzles and i thought rook h8, im embarrassed

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