3 Ridiculous Chess Puzzles Sent By My Viewers

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Puzzle 1 FEN(From Ben):
2K5/PP6/pk1p4/npb2n2/2rpb2p/4ppp1/8/6rq w – – 0 1

Puzzle 2 FEN(From Champion6a):
7k/7P/7K/3P1p2/5P1n/8/8/8 w – – 0 1

Puzzle 3 FEN(From Glitch1122):
k1b1Rnr1/1p2q2r/p6P/1P2p2K/5Q1P/q6R/8/8 w – – 0 1

The chess set behind me:
The Pieces:
The Board:

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  1. Thank you for the bishop knight trap, it has helped me a lot in my endgames

  2. I'd be curious to know how on the first puzzle you would ever be in that position.

  3. I'm real curious how White got their king and two pawns into blacks backline without black losing a single piece in that first puzzle lmao.

  4. Just goes to show you you don’t need to make a queen to win a game

  5. What is this game called ik its chess I just want the site name

  6. Can’t a queen move diagonally too tho

  7. On puzzle 1 why don’t you just take the knight?

  8. Puzzle no 1 is missleading lmao, no wonder i couldnt find the solution, i thought white are from top side and black bot side

  9. Title/Thumbnail got my attention — initial reaction was 'not really interested' — but glad I stuck it out, great video. Thank you.

  10. In puzzle three, my first thought was rook captures bishop on C8-check, king to A7, Queen to F2-Check Mate, but I missed the pawn B6.

  11. dude um the first puzzel is not cheackmate ;[

  12. what kind of idiot would move there night to the side if you are new to the game,moving your knight to the side of the borde is called a donkie move as you are taking away 4 of the 8 blockes that it is able to move to ;

  13. My question isn't how white wins, my question is how does white get into that position in the first place 🤔

  14. at the minute 1:56 u just need to put queen on 7c and it would be schah mat

  15. I feel as if on 8/5Pk1/Bn1K4/8/8/8/8/8 b you could have explained the move order Ne5, Bd4, Kf8, Bc5+, Kg7, f8=Q+ cause I feel like that one has potential to be overlooked and be confusing at first glance. At least when I tried to solve it in my head (no board admittedly so that may be the problem) I was confused for a little while cause I forgot about the bishop covering f8.

  16. the first puzzle just get the pAWN KIll the king so ya win

  17. Everyone: 'what's your process ben?'

    Ben: 'Happened to me when I was playing as black.'

  18. 3rd puzzle you could’ve actually done more than draw… in your example you move rook b3 and king is forced a7, from which you would move queen c5 and get both queens. Then if played correctly is almost impossible for black to win.

  19. 1:55 but what if you move your queen to c7 so it puts black king in check, takes away escape tile and is also defended by king, and also nothing else can take the queen?

  20. 2:32 the queen just need go down to check and endgame😂😂😂

  21. in puzzle 3 couldnt you checkmate black in 2 moves, b5 pawn to b6 and then e8 rook to c8

  22. I wouldn’t have ever thought of the awnsers to those puzzels

  23. The puzzle should be how to get the first puzzles starting position

  24. 5:11 cant he make a queen and kill the knight then if king moves king can kill the other king and win and if the knight run or something isn’t it game? Can someone tell me why he cant do that?

  25. stupid the first puzzle the pawn can kill the horse when the king was in h1

  26. Leaving a like and a sub because the click bait in the thumbnail was the first thing in the video and not somewhere random just to force you watch everything

  27. Love this channel and recommend almost daily

  28. First one is actually possible. Black is not in checkmate, just check.

  29. Bro the first one the pawn can just kill the horse

  30. I have a question for 14:23 why not take the queen after the king moves to the corner?

  31. white's queen to f2 is mate after the white rook moves to c8

  32. is it possible to win as white on that last puzzle

  33. Heya Glitch, I think I found a move in the 3rd puzzle that could fix the Stalemate issue, and instead result in a win.

  34. Why does the thumbnail look like devil vortex saws 💀

  35. For the third puzzle you take bishop c8 and king moves a7 then you ml e queen to f2 forcing the loss of the black queen in trade of your pawn and then you win

  36. Can you do this position
    White winning

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