3 Ridiculous Chess Puzzles Sent By My Viewers

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Puzzle 1 FEN(From Ben):
2K5/PP6/pk1p4/npb2n2/2rpb2p/4ppp1/8/6rq w – – 0 1

Puzzle 2 FEN(From Champion6a):
7k/7P/7K/3P1p2/5P1n/8/8/8 w – – 0 1

Puzzle 3 FEN(From Glitch1122):
k1b1Rnr1/1p2q2r/p6P/1P2p2K/5Q1P/q6R/8/8 w – – 0 1

The chess set behind me:
The Pieces:
The Board:

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  1. Is the first puzzle a position that you could actually get into in a game? How would the white pawns pass without taking?

  2. 4:32 – youtuber – without logic. Knight -> g6, white king -> g6, black king -> cant move (Checkmate). White wins .

  3. the second one is really worth studying I think

  4. Not sure if I am correct, but isnt queen C7 at 1:55 mate?

  5. 3:25 I would like to point out that Ben did not make this puzzle himself. It was composed in 1963 by Погосянч, Эрнест Левонвич,
    Or Ernest Ivanovič Pogosianč (this may be the wrong translation to English as I am not Russian)

  6. min 1.56 if i move queen c7 its not win ?

  7. Ah yes the classic devil vortex gambit (kings knight variation).

  8. There is just one problem, this is the devil vortex sawblades 💀

  9. Pawn to A8, knight.
    King to C6, to avoid check.
    Pawn to B8, knight.
    Checkmate in a few.

  10. The second one is easy because the right pawn♟️ that a queen easy right

  11. the 2 game, the knight can fork queen and king

  12. On the first puzzle, can't you just promote the second pawn to a Queen in check, then if the king move, promote the other pawn to another Queen in checkmate, and if the bishop blocks the Queen, take the bishop in check, then the Queen its taken by the knight, and you promote again the pawn to a queen and checkmate the king?

  13. Normal people: wow this is an interesting puzzle
    Me: hehe devil vortex chess

  14. Hey man! I’m a beginner and your videos really help. I just want to say thanks for helping us beginners out. Hope you’re reading this!

  15. This is very crazy puzzles! Sacrifice 3 pieces for a draw! Love your content

  16. Yooo my puzzle is there
    Thx Nelson
    Edit: I actually constructed this puzzle myself

  17. Did anyone find that white can win in the puzzle 3 let's see if someone can fond

  18. The first one was easy. You get two horses in that particular order, but I didn't bother to actually think how to finish this off.

  19. What if, @8:00, black's King just moves to f7? The Bishop can move to f6, but I can't calculate much past that…

  20. I got the 1st 2, but the 3rd one completely stumped me.

  21. Really good video, would have never of thought of letting pieces get purposely captured for a stalemate. I'm always learning with your videos 🙂

  22. at 1:54 i was thinking Qc7
    untill i realised that unprotected the pawn

  23. Can anyone find the way from which white can win in puzzle 3 cause i find a way let's see if Nelson can find it

  24. The knights run is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!! 😮🤩

  25. 8:45 is very interesting to me.
    Never saw it that way, and I'm around 1500 on Lichess…

  26. Hi Nelson, I love your channel, but I really want to see games to improve my play, not artificially contrived puzzles that will never occur in real games. Sure, we can improve our analysis skills by solving puzzles, plenty of those on chess websites, but it’s when you help us us understand how to play better that you really shine.

  27. a8=N+, Kc6, b8=N+, Kd5, Nc7+, Ke5, Nd7+, Kf4, Ne6+, Kg4, Nf6+, Kh3, Nf4+, Kh2, Ng4#
    Finally managed to solve one of these

  28. Who else noticed the duck at the chess board?

  29. That 1st puzzle is a fabulous KNIGHTS(nice) checkmate

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