3 Fascinating Chess Puzzles

Puzzle 1 FEN:
8/7b/6pk/4KPp1/5PPp/5PP1/8/8 w – – 0 1
Details: Bondarenko, Kuznetsov

Puzzle 2 FEN:
8/6q1/6b1/4p2k/8/3n1P2/Q2B2P1/K7 w – – 0 1
Details: Botvinnik, 1925

Puzzle 3 FEN:
7n/7P/8/8/8/7Q/5ppR/K4bkn w – – 0 1
Details: Chekhover, 1937

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  1. #3 : what if you get twice the position with the knight blocking your 2 cases while trying to find your way and realizing the tempo issue and then you come back while having gone through A8, would it end up as draw since 3 times the same position ? Or does the rules also include that the same player has to be the one playing in that same position ?

  2. Last puzzle is basically a battle to avoid zugzwang. 🤣

  3. Can you just take the knight with the ruk?

  4. In the second puzzle, Black had a discovered check the with d5 pawn.

  5. Puzzle 3 why not rook take knight check mate

  6. 3.38 Rook to h1 is checkmate

  7. White has 4 queens, 11 pawns, and two kings. Black has one pawn and a bishop. Black checkmate in 2.

  8. Wait, @ 5:27. Isn't Rh1 just mate?

    Nvm they can just take with the pawn

  9. 8:32 – If it's any help, I've been studying his tactics and there's a pattern emerging: Every time you make a move, he makes one too. — Cat, Red Dwarf.

  10. "If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much." _Jim Rohn

  11. Move your rook next to the black king

  12. Just a question, why couldn't the black knight move to b3

  13. Puzzle three was actually simple. All you have to do is take the knight with the rook.

  14. 3rd puzzle is great! Poor ♞ cannot lose a tempo…🥲
    I put this on Stockfish and the machine runs the ♔ in a zig-zag to b8: b2-a3-b4-a5-b6-a7-b8 and then the tempo losing move ♔a8!

  15. Just one work: Wow!
    Made me subscribe, you find amazing puzzles, like pieces of art!

  16. "If you had a chance to look at that" Counter: 5

  17. On the third puzzle is so cunfusing why cant white take the h1 knight checkmate

  18. Nice puzzle. Will the puzzle quiz ever get back? I really enjoyed those.

  19. One more move, instead of moving bishop black can move knight to G3, but then white king will come.

  20. In puzzle number 3, why don't you just take the black knight by the white rook and that's checkmate

  21. That zwischenzug at the end was mastermind. Wow.

  22. Puzzle 2: 2:17 Not so fast young padawan 🙂 You forgot to put white into check in moving the pawn from e5 to e4 😉 Now explain what follows from that point on ^^ Well yes, its pretty clear that black has to sacrifice its queen to get out of this. Question is what sacrifice move should be done here?

  23. You could smother mate on puzzle 3 by moving rook to g1

  24. Hey Man! We did not Analyze Kb2 Kc3 Kd4 Ke3! Idea Qh4 Rxh1 gxh1=Q Qxf2 mate but it is not working as after Rxh1 there is gxh1=N! Protecting f2! I did not thought to go all over to the knight I just saw this mate thinking I was correct… I was confused on why you did not consider this move and that’s when I looked at it again I realised I made a mistake… Great Study BTW!

  25. Puzzle #3 is a draw or black will wins the game.. review ur video in 9:05 if the white king go to c7 the knights will move to f7 to block the king ,then if the WK move b6 ,the knights back to h8, if the WK move to c5 the knights will block the king in f7 again that's why we the white can't win .if the white move to white area the black win .

  26. Why can't you just take the knight at the bottom with the rook?

  27. puzzle #3 what if you put you horse on h1 to g3 and then if Queen takes you can move you bishop anywhere then Queen has to take because the pawn on f2 goes to f1 will make a Queen so that will lead into a sacrifice

  28. I’m relatively new to chess so pardon me if this is a dumb move, but at 2:17 why doesn’t black move the pawn with discovered check?

  29. Christopher's Available Resource Engineering says:

    Wait can’t you win puzzle 3 by eating the knight on h1 with the white rook which is backed up by the queen? That looks like checkmate to me…

  30. Puzzle three could habe been only one move because of the rook being able to go down check mate because black can't take any pieces

  31. Actually, it seems White still wins on puzzle 3 after KxNf7 (9:46), but much harder: Kxf7 Bc4+ Ke7 f1Q Qe3+ Nf2 (if Kxh2, h8Q mate and if Qf2, Qxf2 Nxf2 Rxg2 Kxg2 h8=Q) h8Q, Black has no immediate check and White should win. If nothing else, he could give the R for Pg2, and then try to force trade of Queens, since KQ vs KBN theoretically is a win in most positions.

  32. in the third puzzle, the knight can make a fork for a pawn and a queen with the move f7-g5))

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