3 Fascinating Chess Puzzles

Puzzle 1 FEN:
8/7b/6pk/4KPp1/5PPp/5PP1/8/8 w – – 0 1
Details: Bondarenko, Kuznetsov

Puzzle 2 FEN:
8/6q1/6b1/4p2k/8/3n1P2/Q2B2P1/K7 w – – 0 1
Details: Botvinnik, 1925

Puzzle 3 FEN:
7n/7P/8/8/8/7Q/5ppR/K4bkn w – – 0 1
Details: Chekhover, 1937

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  1. The rook should have just ate the horse then its checkmate

  2. Puzzle 3, push pawn, Knight takes, Queen takes bishop moves, now just pin the pawn, king can't move or checkmate

    Then bring your Queen back to position and bring the king in

  3. For anyone as dumb as me: on the 3rd puzzle, Rxh1 isn't mate because black's pawn can take. Nelson even told me which way the pawns we're moving, and I still stared at that for way too long.

  4. White's king going for a run with a GPS tracker.

  5. You could of moved the horse not the bishop can’t you ? To provent check

  6. Uhhh… What if in puzzle 3 Nf7 and Ng5?

  7. I put this in an engine and #3 can be solved in a couple ways other then bringing king to the corner, you can brute force it and take the knight with a queen, take the pawn and put the king in check and promote pawn….

  8. at 9:10 how if Knight go to F7? Not to go G6,, cause Knight F7 block D6 and White King can't pass the square…

  9. Second puzzle… King can go back to h4 (and loose queen and king and bishop is probably not sufficient?)

  10. umm on puzzle 3 if white rook just moves to h1 isnt it a checkmate?

  11. Am I stupid or for puzzle 3 can u not just move rook to h1 and checkmate black and that’s game 😅

  12. In the last puzzle, what if we take with the khight the rook

  13. Could you just move the rook and take the knight in the 3rd one

  14. I may just be a noob with no rank, but what if on your lost tempo with the king the Knight takes F7, and then G5 next turn? Is there anything that way

  15. bro he could just take the queen from the pawn lmfao

  16. If you used the rook to eat the horse in the puzzle three ain't it a check mate

  17. On puzzle 3 can’t you move rook to G2 then bishop takes then queen takes Bishop and that’s chekmate

  18. On puzzle 3 can’t you move rook to G2 then bishop takes then queen takes Bishop and that’s chekmate

  19. On puzzle 3 can’t you move rook to G2 then bishop takes then queen takes Bishop and that’s chekmate

  20. On puzzle 3 can’t you move rook to G2 then bishop takes then queen takes Bishop and that’s chekmate?

  21. What if nf7 kb2 ng5 attacking the queen?

  22. Isnt puzzle 3 just mate in 1 with Rh1?

  23. After king c5 around 9:32 why doesnt the knight go f7 to stop the king?

  24. On puzzle 3 can the rook just take the Knight for checkmate?

  25. puzzle 3 : rook eats the knight :))))))

  26. Wait a minute why the long one??
    You can take the the pawn with rook the middle one
    By the way its now done already checkmate
    8f bishop takes whites rook queen take bishop and checkmate
    If notthen rook takes king

  27. Can anyone explain why in the last one white can't just move the rook to h1?

  28. For puzzle 2
    Instead of queen to h2 we can do g5.

  29. Move the queen to h4 then the rook tske the knight i guess

  30. Puzzle 3: why doesnt the rook just capture the knigt. isnt it mate in one

  31. For puzzle 3 just move castle down and it's checmate

  32. can the rook just take the knight on h1?

  33. Thank you for these beautifull puzzle you give always for us. That's remind me every time pleasure when I started chess and it is a renewal.

  34. Thank you for the nice puzzles, I really enjoyed them.

  35. Not sure if it's "better", since you win anyway, but you can take the knight without saccing the pawn.
    King G8 doesn't result in check, since the knight blocks the bishop.

  36. Last one; Rook takes black knight , chi m8

  37. pleaze explain to this simpleton (me) in puzzle 3., white rook cannot take black knight for checkmate

  38. If rook goes to H1 in the 3 puzzle it is mate

  39. Hey Nelson, could you perhaps cover some bizarre openings like the Sodium Opening (Na3) and others?

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