3 Fascinating Chess Puzzles

Puzzle 1 FEN:
8/7b/6pk/4KPp1/5PPp/5PP1/8/8 w – – 0 1
Details: Bondarenko, Kuznetsov

Puzzle 2 FEN:
8/6q1/6b1/4p2k/8/3n1P2/Q2B2P1/K7 w – – 0 1
Details: Botvinnik, 1925

Puzzle 3 FEN:
7n/7P/8/8/8/7Q/5ppR/K4bkn w – – 0 1
Details: Chekhover, 1937

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  1. What if black moves the knight instead of the bishop on the third puzzle?
    Edit: nvm white queen takes the knight and the bishop needs to be moved next

  2. For the last puzzle, what about the knight on h1?

  3. @10:06, white isn't forced to move the bishop. He could move the knight. This doesn't help since the Queen can take the knight, which then forces a bishop move allowing the mate on g2.

  4. I've heard of a king triangulating to lose a tempo, but the way that last problem motivated White's king triangulating is amazing.

  5. If y’all aren’t familiar with the concept of triangulation, it’s a must know for all sorts of endgames

  6. with puzzle 3 i nearly asked why not move the king forward at the end instead of getting the queen for the knight to take; due to the bishop can't take it. but then realized the knight could just put you in check.

  7. 10:06 This move forced black into zugzwang position where it had to make the move it doesn't want because any move it make will lead to checkmate in next move

  8. The third one is not checkmate as the bishop can capture the queen. If rook captures king can capture as it is not protected. Please change the bishop to another white square like d1 and leave the original square f1 empty.

  9. The last puzzle is super fascinated!
    I really enjoy this video!

  10. 2:54 What if king go to f6 instead of Kf4? Its not mate. King can escape.

  11. "king goes here here here and there and here here here and checkmate"
    -Hikaru probably

  12. 2:25 Black king can move his pawn and it is chek, then move his knight to b4 and it is chek and next move he takes queen and white lost

  13. At the end, you don’t have to sacrifice your pawn to take the knight
    You can move the king BEHIND the knight on the White square to force the knight to rather go away, losing one tempo once again, and then repositionning our king to threaten the knight while protecting our pawn

  14. bro in second puzzle if black play pawn to e5 after bishop to h6 then white will lose

  15. puzzle wins:
    white – 100,000,000,000+
    black – 0

  16. 9:08 What if the black knight moves to F7 rather than G6? Then the king can't go to D6. I guess D4->E5 will accomplish the same thing, just in a more circuitous route. Heh, the one shown at 10:25. 🙂

  17. puzzle 3 alternative name -🤣King's journey to slay the knight

  18. For the last puzzle,kg7 nf7 kg8 nh6 kf8 nf7 kg7 nh8 kh8. Doesn't this takes the knight without losing a pawn?

  19. In the third puzzle why can’t rook take the knight for checkmate

  20. Moral of the story: Missing a beat isn't always bad when it comes to tempos

  21. Pawns always go forwards, though, including the white ones 🤣

  22. Why can the black just move the other knight?

  23. jokes on you i somehow got all of them right

  24. 10:06 can somebody explain why can't we move the knight instead of the bishop in this position?

  25. That was awesome but also kinda depressing cause I couldn’t find it for the life of me

  26. Thank you for this great puzzle. 01:07 Despite it is longer, I prefer 2. fxg5+ Kh7, 3. fxg6+ Kh8, 4. g7+ Kh7, 5. g6+ Kh6, 6. g5+ Kh5, 7. g4#…. with quadrupled g pawns.

  27. Why the rook can't take the knight in puzzle 3

  28. why he cant move the right pawn and kill the queen?

  29. 9:14 this move is badly explained. King c5-d6 could be prevented if knight move corectly. The only square that is blocked every 2cd move is e5. And this is the only position you can pass this knight.

  30. Puzzle 2 the King Could have escaped but it would mean he would lose a queen

  31. I think puzzle 2 was the first one I got right… your vids are working! 😅

  32. the computer library-مكتبة الكمبيوتر says:

    7:01 kd5 is safe, because of if black want to chek with bishop he will lose it, and the white will be able to checkmate easier

  33. Puzzle 3 why is Rook to H1 checkmate not allowed as white's first move? You keep saying the rook is stuck….yet it is not.

  34. what if black pushed the pawn instead attack the queen on the third puzzle?

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