3 Crazy Chess Piece Puzzles!!

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Chris Ramsay
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  1. are them coins worth anything😊😊😊

  2. That's great and all but what can you buy with the coins? Lol

  3. I got the rook and it’s easy -_-

  4. Hear me out…Chess, but in order to take a piece, you need to solve the puzzle; if within 1 minute it’s not solved your turn in forfeit.

  5. Bruv made grandpa's journey for new hearing aid batteries 10 times harder 💀

  6. Can you make another video showing us the coins??

  7. I think a full set with real gold coins would be spectacular

  8. Pill junkies would love these things hahahah

  9. Bro's screwing with queen while the King is there 😮

  10. Why are the coins so small.

  11. The ultimate stash, imagine if the insides were air tight, no dog would ever smell it

  12. …So so the pawn puzzle is the most complex one

  13. Hey, I’ve got those, along with the knight, bishop and rook. I was only able to get the bishop in black though, so it doesn’t match the rest.

    One of mine, I don’t remember which, even when solved doesn’t reliably open.

  14. I could carry so much meth over the boarder with a couple sets of those.

  15. Ya know, Chris, I’ve bought a lot of puzzles through the years bc of you. But at the same time I feel bad bc I don’t want to watch your videos bc I know you’re gonna show me how to solve

  16. @ChrisRamsay52 where can I purchase this puzzle

  17. Coins have to be very small for first two puzzles

  18. Wow these look beutiful. What brand are they?

  19. That’s the Queens Gam-Bitcoin 😉

  20. my kid got one of these. We had to YouTube it to open it up. lol

  21. 😮 imagine playing a full chess game with those and every time your eat one you keep the coin inside of you manage to solve it in 30 seconds and instead of coin it could be good pieces, or bronze on pawns, silver for the rest and gold if your a king or queen

  22. dude!! how long did it take you to figure those out??

  23. I’m collecting the whole set. I’m still missing the pawn & the queen and I want to figure all of them out myself, which is the only reason I’m not watching this short

  24. These are great. The minds that come up with these things just amaze me.

  25. I know its a odd one, but I really like your ufo tee, where u get it🥺

  26. They are beautiful 🤘❤️

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