3 Chess Puzzles To AMAZE You

Puzzle 1 FEN:
k7/2Kp2R1/5P2/8/2b4n/2p5/4p3/n7 w – – 0 1
Puzzle 1 Details:
Duras, 1939

Puzzle 2 FEN:
8/4p3/1P3pn1/k2p4/3R1P2/N7/r6P/7K w – – 0 1
Puzzle 2 Details:
Filaterov, 1926

Puzzle 3 FEN:
2b5/2n2K1k/8/8/8/8/RP6/8 w – – 0 1
Puzzle 3 Details:
Fritz, 1950

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  1. Puzzle 2. What after Nf4 instead Nh4? Seems Black is winning.

  2. For puzzle 3, after Ra1, what if black plays Be6+ ?

  3. Trapping the knight when there's no other pieces on the board, now I've seen everything

  4. in the first one why not king to b7 and then checkmate with the rook?

  5. And then he sacrifices THE BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. And then he sacrifices THE KNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. And then he sacrifices THE ROOOOOOOOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Why in 2 black cant to fully ignore pawn?

  9. puz 1: why we cant just in our first move move king on b6 and then rook on g8?

  10. Puzzle 1:I think Pf7 can be replaced with Rf1, Nf3, then Pf7, Nxf1, Pf8 > Q check, Kf7, Qa3 check, Ba6, Qc5 check, Ka8, Qf8 check, Kf7, Qb6 mate.

  11. 3:00 Interestingly Stockfish actually disagrees with moving the knight here. It says the best move is to promote the pawn and have the rook take it, as that delays checkmate by one move since it takes a different series of moves but it also opens up a lot of potential for more mistakes.

  12. Knight and Rook checkmate is called:Arabian Mate.You should probably make a video about this.

  13. In puzzle #1, it appears that Rg1 is superfluous — White just plays Rg5 right away. In puzzle #2, the name of the mate is Arabian.

  14. 2:00 but if the bishop has consequences being captured then it’s not a free bishop

  15. I played white against stockfish and it did not move the knight when the rook went to g1. It first promoted the e2 pawn to a rook, which I took. Then it moved the bishop to d1 to block me from taking the knight. If I move the rook and don't take the bishop, then it can move right back to b3 and prevent my moving to a4. If I take the bishop, then the knight has room to move to b3, and I can no longer use a1 or a5 to attack the king. What are the right moves in this situation?

  16. Puzzle 2 is a draw going by all best moves I literally sat there for 5 minutes playing around and found ways out of it but realistically wouldn’t happen to stockfish

  17. I found a problem at the end you could sac your knight on g6 to prevent the rook from going to a5 and then you could cover the a6 square with ur bishop

  18. 7:54 why then not just take the knight on b5? And then the pawn on b7?

  19. First puzzle is a draw you played it wrong for black

  20. Great puzzles. Love the ones with fewer pieces especially

  21. On the first puzzle, is Rg4 Bb3(/Bb5? /d5?)) and then f7 winning as well?
    Seems even easier as the bishop can't really take the pawn, adding a threat…

  22. 2:42 why can't we just go Rg5? The only way black can stop mate in 1 is to block with knight, and still get a mate

  23. First puzzleWhy not Kb6, preventing the black king moving downside the board ?Next white move Rxd7, then Rd8. I don't think black can stop this checkmate or do I overlook something ?

  24. I don't understand why you have to threaten the check on a1 with g1; The knight doesn't really seem to be a factor so this probably isn't about him, so I'm guessing you want to take the square away from the bishop, but why? I can't see it. I tried to simulate the position on the engine, but it doesn't play the right moves to show what the problem is with not playing g1 (it gives up early and start sacrificing everything).

  25. The 2nd game is a draw. You missed the move black Knight to D4 after white go King to g2. This threaten the white Knight, even if you promote to Queen, a Queen vs Rook and Knight is drawn.

  26. Chess vibes: brilliant moves every turn, how do you win?
    Me and my opponents: blunders every other turn, how do I win?

  27. I mean, I don't think I would win that endgame in puzzle 2.
    Queen for a rook, knight, and a pawn seems like a draw to me. Maybe a gm could win it, idk.

  28. Puz 1: There's a reason why you can't go from g4 to g5 directly instead of g4 to g1 to g5, but it's not obvious. You should add that line. I missed the possibility of bishop sacrifice at first look. It's a clever defense by black

  29. wait
    there is a mistake in puzzle 1
    when we play Rg1 black does not have to play Nc2 and lose
    black can play e1=Q we take then Bd1!
    and a draw

  30. According to Stockfish, the first one is a draw. After 3. Rg1, instead of 3…Nc2, Black goes for 3…e1=Q 4. Rxe1 Bd1 5. Rxd1 Nb3, and apparently the knight can perpetually defend.


  32. i feel like my tactics as a 1000 elo are way above my rating… maybe that's why i'm on a winning spree

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