3 Chess Puzzles To AMAZE You

Puzzle 1 FEN:
k7/2Kp2R1/5P2/8/2b4n/2p5/4p3/n7 w – – 0 1
Puzzle 1 Details:
Duras, 1939

Puzzle 2 FEN:
8/4p3/1P3pn1/k2p4/3R1P2/N7/r6P/7K w – – 0 1
Puzzle 2 Details:
Filaterov, 1926

Puzzle 3 FEN:
2b5/2n2K1k/8/8/8/8/RP6/8 w – – 0 1
Puzzle 3 Details:
Fritz, 1950

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  1. The stream was so fantastic broo🤩

  2. first (or maybe i just can't see the others) hi from the stream 2 min ago

  3. Nelson please can you play against computer 32

  4. Nelson play Mittins and every time he wins remove one of his pawns

  5. 5b1q/2pr1bnr/1p1pn1np/4pqpq/7k/7P/6PK/8 w – – 0 1 please feature this puzzle

  6. Why couldn't we have played like this against Mittens?

  7. 8:43 I think its called the arabian mate.

    Really cool puzzles. Chess is truly inexhaustible.

  8. Hi Nelson, I’ve watched your videos such as puzzles or gambit introductions for a few weeks and I like them much. I’m glad to join your live stream today, and I would like to know which country you are in so I can know more about you. I’m a chess beginner from Taiwan, and thank you for answering my question during the stream. 😀

  9. 4:53 black can play Ng6 first and if Rxg6 then d4 and after Kc7 Ka7 defends so I think the first puzzle is wrong. That's my calculations so idk if stockfish still finds a way to win

  10. I still can't wrap my head around why starting with a preview is favorable for YouTube statistics. How the hell can people be in such dire need of instant gratification that they want to both waste their time with an intro AND get a later part of the video spoiled? It just doesn't make sense (this isn't throwing shade on the video creator; he is doing everything by the book to have a more successful video).

  11. First is not right because you can on g1 move the pawn to queen and if rook take the queen bishop d1! rook takes and knight b 3!! And its draw

  12. Just move the rook first and threanthen checkmate anything else is just really stupid and the risk of making mistakes is growing

  13. And the second, why you will play rook g1 check if you can play knight d4 and queen, its draw

  14. Last night i worked on the first one and actually found a different but similar sequence

  15. Hi Nelson
    Today M3GAN murdered one more cat and now she is 3000
    F Catspurrov

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