3 Chess Puzzles To AMAZE You

Puzzle 1 FEN:
k7/2Kp2R1/5P2/8/2b4n/2p5/4p3/n7 w – – 0 1
Puzzle 1 Details:
Duras, 1939

Puzzle 2 FEN:
8/4p3/1P3pn1/k2p4/3R1P2/N7/r6P/7K w – – 0 1
Puzzle 2 Details:
Filaterov, 1926

Puzzle 3 FEN:
2b5/2n2K1k/8/8/8/8/RP6/8 w – – 0 1
Puzzle 3 Details:
Fritz, 1950

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  1. nelson m3gan is geting stronger elo rate of 3000 she is coming for mittens!!!!!!

  2. Will you upload today or tomorrow the 3000 elo M3GAN video?

  3. 8:43 — that's the Arabian mate. 😁😁

    That introduction had me thinking as I saw the final of the 3 puzzles. All the while I'm going 'I don't wanna lose my rook, it's the biggest advantage I have, I can't blunder it to a knight fork!!'. Yet when I took another look at the fork, the more I realized that taking the bishop (Rxb7) was a great idea if I knew where to move next, and sure enough, knight takes rook, b4, and the knight is in jail. Where ya goin' knight?! Caught with your hand in the cookie jar!!🤣🤣

  4. 13:50 cant the knight go to a5, or will the pawn make a queen even on the a file

  5. The rock and Knight checkmate is "the arabian mate"

  6. 6:30 why dont you just go rook to d5 and then knight to b5? you would be able to save the knight

  7. 11:00 maybe because both have 11 points of material (1 queen+2 pawns=1 knight+1 rook+3 pawns=11)

  8. 9:04 Why didnt black go for checkmate??? Sorry for dumb question?

  9. In puzzle 2, the white rook can move to b4 first and there’s no stopping white from getting a queen, and it’s a lot quicker

  10. Thanks for the good vidio, but the first puzzle doesn't works, because when we have our rook on the 1. rank black can push the pawn and promore to a queen, forcing us to capture, and then he sacrefises his bishop and if we captures, then in that position Nb3 saves the game to a draw

  11. Last puzzle kinda looks like mine puzzle, i had same idea with pawn

  12. In a game, I'd probably have missed the knight zugzwang on the 3rd puzzle. I was thinking Ra5 to threaten mate and then slide over to re-fork the lined up minor pieces.

  13. In the first puzzle, why not just go Rook to G1 into Rook to A1, taking the pawn along the way if they promote?

  14. 10:23 in depth 50 in this position stockfish shows 0,00 but maybe there is a win but not under 50 moves rule. I've tried this puzzle without f6 pawn and this main winning line in that case is working but unfortunately after 1. b7 Rb2 however Nb5 is winning but f5 is than winning faster

  15. I just made my first puzzle and I'm not exactly sure how to publish/share it. Does anyone have any advice ?

  16. hard not to appreciate all these Knightmarish sequences

  17. damn didnt expect that that fork in puzzle 3 was just bait. wow

  18. These are unbelievable puzzles! especially the last one when you trap his knight with a king and a pawn

  19. Hi Nelson, so i tryed my self the frist puzzle against stockfish and after rock g1 stockfish didn't play knight c2 but queen up deflecting the rock but still is a puzzle (M8) not as good but the rock moviment is very interesting.
    I enjoyed very much this video, i appreciate your work.

  20. The puzzles and the livestream were amazing. In the second puzzle I didn't consider the line that Stockfish found. I still however think it is a win for white regardless.

  21. Puzzle 1:
    You should add the line after 3. Rg1 e1=Q
    4. Rxe1 Bd1!
    I think this looks just as good as the one in the video

  22. 1st puzzle:
    e2 black pawn: I'm going to become a queen!
    white rook: No, you're not

  23. Second problem: yes, …Nd4 and …Nxb5 looks like a draw. Not even so easy for White.

  24. Puzzle 1 was my favorite. It looks like white is losing due to black's defensive teamwork, but in the end, it was all a bamboozle anyway as white changes their direction of attack. Very nice video too!

  25. for puzzle 1, after Rg1, doesn't Bd1 work?
    plz answer

  26. question for number 1. why dont you just movr king b6 then rook g8

  27. Wrong! 3 number puzzle is a draw. Because black have a trick. When we play the move rook to a1 now here is the trick instead of bishop to b7 black play king to h6 if we play rook to c1 now black play the move knight to b5 and there is a knight fork on d6 if we take the bishop. So, very sneaky trick that ruined the puzzle now it's no longer winning for white it's a Drow that is your mistake on the 3 number puzzle.

  28. The cool thing about the first one is that on my pc stockfish didnt see the win until f7, only does see it on depth 30 and above, and us humans can solve it even 1500 like me

  29. Nelson stockfish says that after Rook g1, black can save the game by playing e1=, and after many sacrifices it ends with rook vs a knigth and a pawn and it is a draw

  30. why is there no merch with "well, if u had a chance to look at that" just this sentence. anyone knowing this channel would recognise it but anyone else would be confused. just like some secret community

  31. Amazing puzzles solved puzzle 1 immediately. The rook and knight mate is called Arabian mate.

  32. A Knight and Rook checkmate is Arabian Mate

  33. In the first puzzle after rook e4, what happens if opponent not play bishop to b3, but instead the play pawn to c4 to block the rook 🤔

  34. First puzzle instead of Rg4 I'd play Rg1 first, threatening Rxa1+ and stopping e1=Q

  35. Can't the third puzzle be a draw if the knight goes to a file?

  36. These are my fav videos from you. I would even like you to use stockfish on a greater depth and explain how to get the draw in puzzle 2.
    Thanks mate.

  37. Puzzle #2. Why not first move 1.Rb4 ??? If 1… K:b4, then 2. b7 and we get a Queen.

  38. See my thought on the thumbnail puzzle was rook to g1, take the queen if they promote, if they don't, take the knight, check the king, bishop blocks, take the bishop, checkmate. I have no fucking clue what black would do after taking the queen.

  39. In the first puzzle, what if, when it's Rg1, black continues with any promotional pawns on e1?

    RxE1, Bd1, RxD1, Nb3, and then? It supposed to be draw or maybe black win?

  40. I like how "this guy becomes a queen" is the winning move repeatedly

  41. Puzzle 2 is a DRAW bcz Rg1+ is a blunder and what should be played is Nd4

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