3 Chess Puzzles That Will Blow Your Mind! 🤯

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In this International Chess Day special video, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you some entertaining chess puzzles that shows the endless beauty of the chess game. He has picked 3 amazing chess puzzles that are guaranteed to blow your mind! Watch the video lesson and see if you can solve them.

Also, what do you love the most about the chess game? Feel free to write in the comments below. 👇

► Chapters

00:00 Happy International Chess Day!
00:23 Amazing & mind-blowing chess puzzles
00:40 Puzzle-1: Crazy Mate in 3
02:06 Puzzle-2: Can you find the mate in 3?
03:22 Puzzle-3: Win with the wrong bishop/rook pawn?
06:18 Bonus Puzzle: Can you find the mate in 1?

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  1. That was a really fun video. What a beautiful combo with the bishop and pawn.

  2. Qb7# and Qc7 are both checkmates in one in the last puzzle.

  3. I’m fairly new to chess, but I believe that there are 2 solutions: QB7# or QC7#. Btw, I love your videos!!!

  4. Managed to solved all of them. The wrong colored bishop I think I've seen before or something very similar probably from Finegold. That's probably why I was able to solve it relatively quickly.

  5. In second puzzle how can you know that king or rook did not move yet so you are still allowed to make a castle?

  6. second position is also not a legal position. there is no possible legal black's last move !!

  7. Dude, is there a mate in one or are you trolling us?

  8. can you cover some desperado tactics? very few channels cover it

  9. Hello,
    I am a player rated 2000 Elo Fide What is the best book you would recommend to improve my level

  10. Lot of thanks, Igor. I guess the solution is Qb3#. Is´nt it?

  11. By the way, I was so busy solving the puzzle that I didn't realize I had to thank Igor for the work he is doing. Igor, my man thank you for the thing you are doing.

  12. I see three checkmates in one. Qb3#, Qb7# & Qc7#

  13. 1:36 I'd attack this one from the other end. Where is the knight aiming for? Only then can you figure where it should try to be on its penultimate move, and so on back to the start. There's no point in finding legal moves for the first turn if you can't judge which of them are useful.

  14. 6:34 Qb3# the bishop can't take because it's pinned and the queen can't interpose

  15. Qb3# the bishop pins the queen but the rook pins the bishop, the knights are both defended by the bishops and guard c1 and c2 and unlike the other forced mates the black queen cannot block to make it mate in 2 instead of 1.

  16. Queen captures the rook and that's a checkmate

  17. Have you seen this one? 3k4/8/7p/2p1p1pP/1pPpPpP1/1P1P1P2/N7/2K5 w – – 0 1

    It’s a composition I made in 2017.

    —Ben Schultz

  18. There are two ways to win in one move, one is Qb7, and another one is Qc7

  19. I found it but it was only because I'd seen this puzzle before. It's Qb3#

  20. Bh2+ is checkmate for the last puzzle. Qb2+ is also correct I think, but Bh2+ is more stylish.

  21. Hello Igor. Im just begining to learn chess and enjoy your channel, best.
    Let me ask, please.. in the2nd puzzle with 2 R, 1 P and K.. vs Black K.
    You 1st move was R-f4 then KxR. After that you gave a couple of ways the black K could move.. with one being K-h2.
    Isn't h2 being defended by the pawn.. making that move not possible?
    Also, on the final puzzle @4:25. Wouldn't a simpler way be.. P-h6, then K races to the corner with K-f8 but THEN b-e6, stopping the kings advance
    who then turns to e7 [or resign]. Now b retreats to c4, [still controlling g8] and now pawn is safe to move up h-file and convert at h8?
    The last puzzle seems to be Q-b7. Thanks for all your work and kind way of teaching.

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