3 Chess Puzzles Sent By My Viewers

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0:00 – Intro
0:12 – Puzzle 1
2:43 – Puzzle 2
4:28 – Puzzle 3

The chess set behind me:
The Pieces:
The Board:

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  1. Wow this so cool im also early omg

  2. I asked for one puzzle in a 10 minute video. My homie gives me 2 puzzles to send me into knots…

  3. I also want to send some puzzles as well. Two of the puzzles I want to send are puzzle rush worthy I think. How do I send them though?

  4. im not sure where to send you puzzles, so i'll just post my best one here. 8/8/8/k1K5/p1p4N/1p6/PPP5/8 w – – 0 1 is the position, white to play and win!

  5. I have a good question to bring up, is there any pawn in passing differences, like is there bad or good examples to allow a pawn in passing, most games that I see is just a free option to take the pawn in passing, or just not take it, but I would like to see a actual good vs. bad examples to make it an option to do that move.

  6. 1:40 what’s stoping black king from going b7,b6 take and then a 7 take?

  7. Unless I'm missing something you can win the second puzzle without sacrificing the Rook. Just move the king to F3, capture the pawn that is forced to move, then black is forced to move the other pawn down, just keep moving the King down but instead of going F1 you move to E3, black pushes pawn, Rook F1 and black is forced to move the King but can't protect the pawn because of white pawn at H2. After that it's basically a simple King and Rook VS King end game.

  8. Second puzzle actually has more solutions. May not be as flashy as the one in the video, but both Ke3 and Kf3 wins. We can take the first f pawn and let the other move towards promotion. Put the king to f5 and the rook will come to a1 and will mate at a4.

  9. I already knew the solution, just move pawns, then ignore one of black pawn

  10. Very nice puzzles. I especially like the first one.

  11. In #3 isn’t c7 winning too? Bxc7, ba7 only legal moves, either way you take the bishop and force black to give up the knight for the c pawn. The king can never go to b8

  12. 0:39 "This move doesn't really matter"

    False. If you play f3 you are legally obligated to resign for the shame of not allowing a yarn croissant

  13. Would it be possible for you to put links to the puzzles, so that they could be played out by your viewers?

  14. Here is my puzzle for when you next post another video like this:
    FEN: 2K5/PP6/pk1p4/npb2n2/2rpb2p/4ppp1/8/6rq w – – 0 1
    White to play and win

  15. I actually saw the first puzzle on YouTube shorts. It's called "stairwayto heaven"

  16. Thanks for including my puzzle, but there is actually a piece missing! Black has an additional knight on e8, which makes it so much harder…

  17. the moment when taking en passant is actually forced

  18. hey Nelson mate!

    Thanks for the chapters for the video – got all 3 positions on pause, gotta check them afterhours

    Will come back and comment again afterwards

    Thanks for your work, your channel is very underrated!

  19. Those are the beautiful and clean tactic. They are amazing!

  20. Second problem is NOT a win study, Nelson! White can win trivially by 1 Kf3, followed by 2 Ra1 (say) and so forth. This is a 4-mover direct mate problem. A neater, miniature setting in 5 moves by W. Hagemann has similar setting but no black f-pawns, instead one black pawn on h7, wR starting on g8 and wK starting on e6. 1 Kf6! h6: 2 Rg5 hxg5: 3 Kf5… completing the same way. (Published Eisenbahn Zeitung 1939). This setting shows nice tempo play since 1 Kf5? would fail dismally (mate in 5).

  21. The first puzzle is really neat, but the second one you can just win by moving your King back, move the rook behind the black pawns and win normally. In the third postion a lot of ideas win, I thought I made a6 work (for some reason the first move that I wanted to calculate) and was sad that I "miscalculated" since this isn't the solution, so I asked the engine what is wrong with that and he showed me that I'm still winning. Imo it's a little pointless to call it a puzzle with five winning moves.

  22. Me: give nelson a chess board with all pieces in their starting position This is technically a puzzle

  23. I like the first two, gotta avoid getting stalemated

  24. I'm Surena from Iran. thanks so much. good contennt.

  25. I'm Surena from Iran. thanks so much. good contennt.

  26. 3. puzzle my solution (played against engine so the black responses should be the best moves)
    1. cxb7+ Kxb7 2. a6+ Kxb6 3. Kxc8 Ba7 4. Kd7 Kxa6 5. Kxe7 Bxd4 6. Kf7 Bf2 7. e7 Kb5 8. e8=Q+ (+54 eval)

  27. second puzzle is an easy win for white even with very prosaic play.
    For instance:
    1. Ke3 e4
    2. Kxe4 e5
    3. Ke3 e4
    4. Ke2 e3
    5. Ra1 Kg4
    and white can easily eat all the pawns.

  28. In the third game I think you can push your pawn to c7, bishop takes and you take back with the pawn and eventually make a queen

  29. Great work Nelson! I liked the first two puzzles in particular as they weren’t too tricky and it’s important to preempt and avoid stalemates where possible. The third puzzle is a great example of how a pawn at face value is worth 1 point compared to a minor piece but it’s vital to value them because they can become queens

  30. Master Lopez chooses beautiful studies, exercises and sometimes humorous tasks. What bothers me, however, and is disrespectful to the past: he does not mention the names of the composers. Apparently, in an age of statue demolition in many countries, this is no longer appropriate?! The first study (according to my databases): Kieseritzky Lionel (published 1848)

  31. I absolutely love puzzles and also tried to come up with some of my own:
    FEN: 7k/7P/7K/3P1p2/5P1n/8/8/8 w – – 0 1
    This is for endgame enthusiasts. White to play and win. Black responds with top engine line exept 8… Nc6 9… Kg7 and 10… Kf8. I hope you enjoy it.

  32. @Nelson: How can I send you puzzles? I'm a composer.

  33. I really wanted the first move to the first one to be d6, but obviously that didn't work.

  34. These puzzles are great but I think puzzle 2 should be “find mate in 4” because there are king moves that win. Also in the last puzzle same thing. Taking the Knight is M7 which is best, but a6 and c7 are also completely winning for white

  35. First puzzle solution

    1. f3 exf3
    2. Kf1 f2
    3. e4 dxe4
    4. Kxf2 e3+
    5. Ke1 e2
    6. d5 cxd5
    7. Kxe2 d4
    8. Kd2 d3
    9. c6 bxc6
    10. Kxd4

    And then there's two variations available here. in both variations white could win this end game with perfect play.

  36. i forgot this in the comment but it has to be M4

  37. Wiz Fizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz with a z says:

    Anyone know how to send a puzzle to Nelson?

  38. Doesn't Kf3 win in the second puzzle also? It's a bit slower but also you don't sack the rook and seems more intuitive.

    Kf3 f4, Kxf4 f5, Ke5 f4, Kf5(completing the barrier with the pawn again) f3, Ra1 f2, Ra4# (Rook could go to A-D)

  39. For the first puzzle, the black king can take the point and force draw ?

  40. I know it's an odd comparisson but I really felt like when I'm watching a Kaizo Mario maker level and they use those shells to climb walls

  41. Everyone is commenting how the 2nd puzzle has more ways to win than just the 4-move checkmate, which is true. But I notice the 3rd one also has alternative wins, like Kd7 (Nxb6, axb6, bxc6, Kxe7, Kb7, Kd7 and White queens). And should Black play differently he simply loses differently.

  42. Saw the thumbnail and in this position you can actually force your opponent to play en passant. Anarchy chess will be pleased.

  43. Your video sucks. There is more than one way to win the second and last puzzle, and you chosed shit

  44. Jesus loves you alot trust in His death 4 salvation and be saved from eternal hell <3 Jesus died on the cross for you bro. 🙂

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