3 Chess Puzzles Sent By My Viewers

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0:00 – Intro
0:12 – Puzzle 1
2:43 – Puzzle 2
4:28 – Puzzle 3

The chess set behind me:
The Pieces:
The Board:

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  1. In the first one can't you just en passant the third black pawn?? then you reach the top first and it's checmate and there's nothing he can do about it, right?

  2. Ist im Schachbuch "Lehrbuch des Schachspiels" von Dufresne&Mieses als letztes abgebildet!

  3. Im so confused as to why the pawn is able to take a pawn directly next to it if its only supposed to take diagnoly

  4. the last puzzle is not a checkmate the black king can still move to a6

  5. The 1st position is actually LEGENDARY because computers cant solve it 😉

  6. i figured out the first one before the vid even began

  7. Dumb puzzle… Sorry. Any initiated chess player see this solution immediately.

  8. 1:57 White can win if play Kb4 Kb7 Ka5 Ka8 Ka6, black must play pawn and white King take it black pawn. Kb4 Kb7 Ka5 c5 Kb5 and now Kxc5 or Kxc4

  9. Chess moon here: in the first puzzle, when it’s just black’s king and 1 pawn, why can’t black move its king to the top white square, second from the left?

  10. Nice puzzles, thsnks for sharing and solving them.

  11. I really thought for a moment that the first one was going to start with pawn takes pawn en-passant from white 🙂

  12. I had seen either that exact puzzle or a similar one before with the pawn chains at the start, so I knew the important idea already.

  13. Surprised no one else is saying that the first one can be solved easier by having white en pessant, as there was no indication of what black’s last move was

  14. Chess noob here but stalemate resulting in a draw seems retarded to me

  15. Basically this video is "how to not make checkmate to the black king"

  16. I was sure the first one was going to be that blacks second pawn could be taken by en passant, because it technically could have been blacks last move before the puzzle

  17. Pawn checkmate… so brutal, so humiliating 😂

  18. 2:00 cant black just take the second pawn while your king is away??

  19. The black king is drowned, it’s a tie! White can’t win!

  20. Question from a non chess player: whats the difference of the game to stale and a checkmate? In both, the king can't move without putting himself in check. I kept trying to figure it out myself but I couldn't.

  21. Thanks for this! The opponent did not see this coming!

  22. I guess I completely overthought puzzle 2 BUT I saved the rook

  23. What if white can take en Passant in the first puzzle as it’s first move?!

  24. Can't u eat moving E5 in D6 with "special move"?

  25. in puzzle two
    Kf3 f4
    Kxf4 f5
    Ke5 f4
    Kf5 f3
    Rb1 f2
    is another solution

  26. Last one was so anticlimactic 😂

    Still cool I didn't see the way out after taking knight

  27. Больше интересно когда комп не находит решение.

  28. couldnt you have done an en passant on the c5 ?

  29. I can’t believe it. For the first time in any chess video I’ve ever seen, en passant was actually forced

  30. 1:56 I'm rather new at chess so this might be a dumb question, but why can't the black king just take the pawn on b6?

  31. Umm, played properly the first puzzle is an automatic stalemate. I stopped watching the video after that. 🤣

  32. 6:16
    Ka6 (King to a6) (K for King and a6 for destination square) (only legal move)
    Qb6# (Queen to b6 checkmate) (Q for Queen and b6 for destination square and # for checkmate)

    Qb6# (BTW this is the notation)

  33. Yuanche or tomorrow I can go back and work out and work for a week and work for you too so let us get it done before

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