3 Brilliant & Tricky Chess Puzzles | Can You Solve All 3?

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov analyzes 3 brilliant and tricky chess puzzles that illustrate common chess tactical patterns that you can use in your practical games to outsmart your opponents.

Besides that, this will serve as a tactical challenge/exercise for you; so you may pause the video and try to solve all 3 puzzles if you can. Good luck! 🙂

► Chapters

00:00 Tricky Chess Puzzles, Common Tactical Patterns
00:22 Puzzle-1: X-Ray Attack in Chess
01:31 Puzzle-2: Discovered Check, Back Rank, Skewer
03:24 Puzzle-3: Race to Pawn Promotion – Blockade

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  1. ► Chapters

    00:00 Tricky Chess Puzzles, Common Tactical Patterns

    00:22 Puzzle-1: X-Ray Attack in Chess

    01:31 Puzzle-2: Discovered Check, Back Rank, Skewer

    03:24 Puzzle-3: Race to Pawn Promotion – Blockade

  2. البيدق للامام ابيض ثم كش بالقلعه

  3. Plz help me sir I am very poor 😭 and my dream iam a great chess player plz help me for free

  4. Then fork when u get a queen then take the queen

  5. Great…Very diabolical solution 😈💪

  6. Solved 1 and 3, missed 2. I saw Nf8+ but thought there wasn't anything there, just missed the follow up.

  7. In the second puzzle the black has no moral obligations to take the knight.

  8. On the second puzzle I wish you would've explored some other lines since KxF8 isn't forced. I played around with Black responding to NF8 with KE8 instead of capturing the Knight, and I think that actually makes for another, perhaps even more interesting line!

  9. Third one is a gem. Thank you so much for sharing

  10. i have found number 1 and 3. not too bad. 🙂 bye

  11. Please do MORE like this! Short, instructive, and fun.

  12. I was able to solve the first Two… I like the third one it's a great idea

  13. Thank you very much for the puzzles. I’m new at chess and it took me about 1 hour to figure out all the puzzles by moving them not in my brain. I have a very protective personality but you made me realize that in this game you have to give a little to to gain more hopefully.

  14. I solved the first and third puzzle 🤓

  15. Well, the 1st one was fairly simple as you gave the solution in the thumbnail pic. 1 Rb5 … covers black’s pawn, and protects white’s. If 1 … b1=Q??, 2 Rxb1 and if 1 … Kxb5, 2 b7 and white’s pawn can’t be stopped. If black tries to get a queen first 2 … b1=Q, then 3 b8=Q+ skewering the black king and queen, and if black moves the king out of the way (i.e. off the b-file), then the newly promoted white queen now guards the b1 square. 2 … Ka5 (for example), 3 b8=Q.
    It should be noted that 1 b7?? doesn’t work as black isn’t obligated to take, and can simply play 1 … b1=Q. White could try something tricky like 2 Rc6+ … but black can simply walk the king back to a2 (2 … Ka5, 3 Rc5+ Ra4, 4 Rc4+ Ka3, 5 Kc3+ Ka2) and now white has no good checks as the newly minted black queen guards c2, and will take the b7 pawn. It could, of course, move back to c7 (6 Rc7 …) but (6 … Qb6) puts the lie to that attempt. Black should be able to force a win here, though queen vs. rook endgames can be tricky.

  16. 0 out of 3. I hate finals, it is not chess , it is another sport

  17. Hi Igor I smiled when I solved all three of the puzzles! I am very interested in your ideas against the London system. All the best from Athens, George

  18. I got the last one right off…but it's been years since I've played. But still enjoy your channel!

  19. Rg1 works in the third as well , i saw that first … similar to first puzzle method

  20. just rook to b5. naturaly black king takes rook. then avance the pon one step ahead for quenn,

  21. Rb1,king take,b7,b1=Q,b8"Q Q into Qb8 white win 1ans

  22. My new favorite chess channel!
    Was always looking for Smirnov chess content since I came across 'To take is a mistake video like 10 yrs ago.

  23. Only the first one.
    The second and the third does not seem to be obvious as those moves are not forced

  24. For your 2nd game why not kc6? It seems there are 4 black options.
    1. Move rook pawn whereby the sequence of kn-d5! Forces either kb8 with white kb6. Or kc8 with white fork. Or kd8 where black rook is lost with white rook check.
    2 Moving the rook to any white square the white knight gets it with a discovered check.
    3. Moving kd7 loses with ktd5! with rook lost on a knight fork or if king goes to 8th row lost with a rook check.
    4. Lastly rook moves on a black square where re8 seams the only possible out where it's foiled with knxp! Kb8 followed by white king to b6 and mate follows.
    Excuse my poor annotation skills. Did I miss something in my analysis?

  25. Hi ,I manage to solve no 1 and 3 in few seconds , however for number 2 it took 1 minute but through another way than your beautiful solution 1. K f5 – k e7 2. Ne5+(double)- kd6 3. Nf7+ and take the rook. What do you think? please answer me

  26. nice puzzles ! took some time to solve first two. 3rd one didn't clicked me. thanks.

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