3 Brilliant Chess Puzzles To Trick Your Friends

3 Chess Puzzles to Trick Your Friends. You will never play Queen vs 2 rooks endgames the same after watching this.


Enjoy The Video!


  1. Thank you chesscape for these videos. My rating finally breached 1000 and I learned a lot from your endgame studies 😀😀

  2. Hello Chessscape are you free let's play one rapid game

  3. 7:22 it’s not mate Qxa3 will block. And black has the opportunity to win

  4. Thanks for the lesson Chessscape! You'll always be my cheas teacher 😀

  5. can u Plz make a video about my immortal game

  6. "If you're below 1000" a few seconds later "you'll quickly realize that it's too late because black has a checkmate in eleven moves".
    If you're 1000 or below, your opponent should be too. So it means that your opponent is probably one of these stockfish user.

  7. 1:23 Won't it be better if you just put your other rook on the same rank as well? Now the queen is pinned, if king moves you get the queen free of charge and even if she takes you can just take back and be in the same position(granted your rook will be on h3 not g3, but c3 is still available

  8. Thank You Ryad Sir for your amazing tricks. Please put more videos like this Sir.

  9. Mfw I'm below 1000 and don't see how to win but I do see the mate in 11 for my opponent

  10. I solved all the tricks.
    Finally you're back.

  11. for the first puzzles after Dg8+ you can do Kh6 prepare Ta1+ Qg8 and take the queen

  12. Can you pin my comment and make a video today

  13. Rh3 in first video after queen blocks will pin and win the queen without giving up rook

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