3 Beautiful Chess Problems by Johann Berger

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5K1k/R7/8/8/p7/1b6/p2n2N1/8 w – – 0 1
5K1k/R7/8/4p3/p7/1b6/p5N1/8 w – – 0 1
8/8/8/p3p3/k1K1p3/4R3/r7/2N5 w – – 0 1

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  1. What happens if they trade the rook for the knight in the third puzzle?

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  3. Did you just become a father? Heard a baby screaming in the background. In this case, CONGRATULATIONS!

  4. Johann Berger also created early round robin pairing tables. Pairing tables in rulebooks a few decades ago show he did the small tournaments in his head before he came up with an algorithm for larger ones. An odd number of players are on a "ribbon" (or conveyor belt) and stop at each position on a long table to play a game. The extra person has a bye or meets the player with the highest even number who is on a permanent board.

  5. You’re my favorite chess channel 😄

  6. I have one question. How can an absolutely pinned piece still assist in checkmate if it can’t even move?

  7. Johann Berger looks like a nerd 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓

  8. It's a Germanic name, pronounced more like "Yo-Han Bear-ger", not "Joe-Han Bur-ger".

  9. Hello! I also have a chess channel. With one subscriber! I wish you success!

  10. I saw the first one in a different order – first rook to A5 then knight to H4

  11. Johann Berger was an Austrian University professor and the cocreator of the Sonneborn-Berger system, which still is used in tournaments today.

  12. Beautiful puzzles.
    NGL, I couldn't figure out any of them but still, well done Johan.

  13. It is funny how the knight is pinned the whole time and is useful as something other than a blocker.

  14. Great rook-knight puzzles.
    Great succinct analysis.

  15. 13:07 can someone explain to me why black cant sacrifice the rook for the knight?

  16. You know brother 😕 if I'm winning and there is forced mate in about 10 moves.. Rather than counting and thinking of those lines I'd rather like to flip a coin 😢and win or lose and sleep 😶

  17. What a beautiful puzzles.thanks a lot Mr.Johann Berger

  18. Interesting that a piece that is itself pinned can prevent the king from taking a piece that it's defending.

  19. Why did black at no point sacrifice the rook for the knight in the last puzzle? You should've covered that since it's an option at many points.

  20. Isn't every checkmate a smothered checkmate? 🤔

  21. Has there ever been a white to play and lose puzzle? Just been boring for white to play and win or draw all the time. It's like no one ever thought of a cool puzzle for the guy who goes second to win.

  22. I'm sorry but Joe Hamburger 😭😭💀

  23. The 3rd puzzle only works if the rook doesn’t take the knight. If my kings situation was that bad I would take my chances and capture the knight, yes I’m losing my rook but it would stop the checkmate threat, and with advancement of three pawns you could dtill win.

  24. Bro i went from 1400s to 2000s within 550 rapid games within 50days
    A lot thanks to ur content, your videos one of the biggest contribution to my knowledge that helped to sky rocket my elo

    Hoping to catch u in near future.😅😅😅

  25. Can you send more puzzle island videos please 🙏

  26. Johann Berger (1845-1833) was not only a brilliant chess problem composer but also an excellent chess ending theoretician and, above all, a respected chess master in tournaments.

  27. Knight rook king underrated trio🔥🔥🔥

  28. Puzzle 3 – ok how bout rook captures the knight before black gets checkmated so white is left with king & rook!

  29. the third puzzle was actually the easiest for me.

  30. I thought the common theme was that the black king can’t move in any puzzle. I didn’t even pay attention to what pieces white had lol

  31. Sorry but for the last puzzle, my version of stockfish finds a forced checkmate in 21 moves from starting position in less than one second, then while refining after about 30 seconds it's finally checkmate in 17.
    And it's amazing, because the longest path to checkmate for my stockfish, which is equivalent to the "best" defense for black is not what you presented … it's white rook eliminating everything and finishing by a KR vs K …
    1. Ne2 Rb2 2. Nc3+ Ka3 3. Nd1+ Ka2 4. Nxb2 Kxb2 5. Rxe4 Kc2 6. Re2+ Kc1 7. Kc3 Kd1 8. Kd3 a4 9. Rxe5 Kc1 10. Ra5 Kb2 11. Rxa4 Kb3 12. Re4 Kb2 13. Rb4+ Ka3 14. Kc3 Ka2 15. Ra4+ Kb1 16. Ra5 Kc1 17. Ra1#

    But they sure are all beautiful puzzles, I'd never find myself 🙂

  32. Ik its weird to ask but could we get more “black to play and win” puzzles? I thought it was nice you changed it up a bit. Wishing you nothing but the best for you and your family Nelson!

  33. I can't remember any opening and any advice on middle and late game(even if i study them). So yeah i play half-blinded

  34. Hey Nelson, loved the puzzles and the concept, as always. I'm in a perpetual loop of Watch Video -> Get Motivated -> Play -> Get Hammered -> Watch Video. But this comment of mine is unrelated to the video. I didn't know how to contact you, so decided to leave it as a comment on the latest video.

    I got a really ancient chess computer from my uncle. It's from the 80s. So old I'm actually struggling to get any info about it's make on the internet. It's SciSys Express 16K (not Kasparov edition).

    It's notoriously hard to beat, for me. I'm not even 1K. It's supposed to be rated 1400 to 2000. Given how old it is, thus how little RAM it might have, that would be amazing if true.

    I know there are multiple ways to evaluate that claim, but I wanted to get your review, before it decides that its time to die. If you want to make a video playing a game against it (after review), I would be happy to oblige. Let me know if you're interested.

  35. What if in the third puzzle rook takes knight?

  36. 0:00: ⚔️ The video demonstrates three chess positions with a king, knight, and rook, showcasing their strategic potential.
    2:53: ⚔️ A chess puzzle is analyzed and solved step by step, leading to an unstoppable checkmate.
    5:54: 🤯 The video discusses a chess move and its follow-up, highlighting the interconnectedness of different pieces on the board.
    9:01: ⚔️ The video explains a chess strategy to trap the opponent's king and secure a win.
    12:03: ⚔️ The video discusses a new move in a chess game that puts pressure on the opponent's king and limits their options.
    Made by TammyAIvideo

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