23 Chess Puzzles In 23 Minutes

IM Daniel Rensch tries to solve 23 daily Chess.com puzzles in 23 minutes — can he beat the clock?

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  1. danny if im not mistaken at 15:00 rf8 fails to qd2, but i think those puzzles should be reviewed danny. sometimes it seems there re more thn one way or even may way is better to solve than the answer. if you read this i appreciate, thanks.

  2. 35:38
    "…All those Danny's haters…"

    Wait! Are there any at all?

  3. Thanks for the tuition Danny! 23 mins in…. "if you not excited about that you're dead inside" 😀

  4. At 14:51 Rf8 is met with Be5 and I think that is going to be winning for white.

  5. The Sunday puzzles are soo hard!!!! Whiny town, population Danny.

  6. Ok, he's doing this live and such, but Idk why I'm way faster.

  7. I have an idea Daniel, I'm going to make a cup of coffee.

  8. for the first puzzle isint rook to g7, bishop takes rook and then bishop to d6 mate?

  9. It doesn't matter which piece black moves to block the check…Qd2 is coming…Computer has it plus 7.38

  10. You're lovely, Danny! 🙂 I understand your annoyance for these certain "puzzles" fully (those "they're-won-anyway-"puzzles), I just wonder how often did you already have good reason to complain about these in your puzzles sessions? They seemingly just don't want to improve. The Tactics Trainer on chess.com is perfect, tho! 🙂

  11. I think if rook f8 and rook takes queen takes f8, then Qd2 is strong. No way for queen to protect h6 pawn

  12. at the first puzzle, is it still winning if rock at e6 take the rock you wanted to plant on c8, because after black queening, black is up a pawn, which is defended and could be pushed

  13. Be5 is the reason. it attacks the queen and threatens mate by taking on f8. your welcome

  14. 17:24 Rb1 is not mate. Nb4 blocks and is protected by other knight. And at 21:08 f6 followed by Kxf6 = stalemate and you waste your advantage by drawing instead of winning

  15. 18:41 pissed me off so much. Chess . com needs to fix its shit.
    The answer was a mate in two, yet it counts Bd4 wrong, which is a mate in 2.

    1. Bd4 Kf8
    2. Qh8#

    1. Bd4 Ra8
    2. Qh8#

  16. I could be wrong but if he does rook f8 you could move the bishop attacking the queen forcing oppnent to move queen but then undefending the rook and if does nothing to stop the rook he looses his queen or get checkmated after rook takes rook and every square you move your queen to defend the square results in the loss of his queen

  17. Ya queen d2 cant trade cant do anything u lose the queen

  18. they need to upgrade the puzzle ai for sure , you should get credit for an alternative answer

  19. the first puzzle looks simple rook G7 black takes rook and then bishop G6 checkmate

  20. the puzzle on 17:59 had me cracking up so fucking much! it's true it dosnt matter in that position you will win regardless of the 100% best move possible

  21. 32:46 u can just play b7 and after Bb7 Kb6! With the idea od Na6 or Ne6 and then mate on c7

  22. 32:41: 1) b7 Bxb7 (2) Kb6 …. seems like mate in 4. What's the refutation?

  23. i love how he's shitting on his own daily puzzles. this is exactly why i dont like those puzzles, they just say INCORRECT! instead of telling you why the move is bad or that youre missing a checkmate.

  24. Why not Rf8? 4. Qd2 wins queen anyway but both are just as losing I think.

  25. 14:25,Rf8 not beacuse of Be5 and Queen falls or or check mate by rook which takes rook on f8 but eitherway moving queen on f8 square is silly too,practicly you can do nothing .

  26. Pls stop talking like a women, ur not good at it🤣

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