20 Chess Puzzles. Mate in 1

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  1. First 19 straightforward, stared at number 20 for ages, then it came to me: sneaky one…

  2. 19 and 20 were good. Had to look at those for a minute to get them.

  3. 19 were the sneakiest. Spent a few minutes on that one…

  4. If you like these, get the app "Mate in 1? OK!"

  5. I got all of them under 3 seconds except 6 that took me about 10 seconds and 19 that took me around 90 seconds.

  6. 15 was the only one I got wrong. The first 10 or so didn't have extra pieces which made it obvious.

  7. Got them all, had to pause when they got trickier though.

  8. I love these mute videos – which talk less and do more

  9. I did not stop the video…..
    19 and 20 were both easy

  10. Extremely easy, I solved every puzzle in a few seconds

  11. I had solved all the chess puzzle

  12. On No.14 can’t the pawn kill the queen?

  13. This was a fun video I just wish it was a bit harder, the first 19 were easy. Number 20 took me a while though lol

  14. I'm an absolute beginner, but In Puzzle 13, it doesn't seem to put the king in check by moving the bishop to capture the pawn. You would still need to capture the rook before the king, right?

  15. I got 20 pretty fast because I saw one recently on a chess page. So glad it was fresh in my memory lol. 19 took me a minute yhough

  16. Got all right! Thanks for putting in the time to help me and others!

  17. Thumbs up! Great little video that I will recommend. 3:55 though: You need to add notations, because this might aswell be a the-pawn-capturing-the-queen-position. I have seen enough chess puzzles where the position looked like that but the notation was flipped (cause they, Kings, somehow* went over to the other side. ) Because I have seen enough "funny" youtubers who trick you by leaving such essential information away, for what ever reasons such as clickbating "hardest mate in 1", or other puzzles / reasons.

    *somehow some way.
    Yes really, they flip the board and then say hardest puzzle and you won't get the solution because you assume what you play is bottom it's a natural given, or leave previous moves away so you won't see possibilities and won't think it's important because everyone naturally gives those information if they matter for the puzzle. It's basically an unwritten law of chess puzzles if you want.

    Of course good ones are simply hard without tricking (if you don't want to use the word cheating), such as 5:25 had to pause for a little bit here πŸ™‚

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