2 Sea Monster Chess Puzzles

Puzzle 1 FEN:
8/p4p2/1p3P2/k6P/1p6/1p6/1P6/1K6 w – – 0 1

Puzzle 1 Details:
Reti Richard, 2001

Puzzle 2 FEN:
8/8/2P5/1Pr5/8/8/N7/k2K4 w – – 0 1

Puzzle 2 Details:
Liburkin, 1931

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  1. He was not fisherman , he was Fischerman

  2. but what if black play a6 and not a5? if white promote to queen then a5 if to knight, just pushed g pawn

  3. Day 21 chalenge chess but Martin moves twice If You get checked in Martin first move you'll lose

  4. Damn we're getting a chess story mode now

  5. Well… on the first puzzle, if you go for a6 instead of a5 you don't have to capture the knight and you can move the king. Keep the a5 move until you actually need it. You may get a draw…

  6. Wow Nelson. Brilliant! Hope we get a lot more "fisherman's" games! Shows how great Chess is!

  7. In this puzzle, whose turn is it to move first?

  8. In puzzle one stockfish says not to push b5 but to push a4 first. But it is still winning for white

  9. If sea creatures could watch and remember Chess vibes videos, so do us as human

  10. In a few years Chess will decide everything I guess.

  11. just a small note, can u put the link to the illustrations it would be nice to credit the artist yknow

  12. My favourite, the "I'm gonna eat you" – "Actually, I can play chess" – "Understandable, have a nice day!"

  13. 2:12 If black plays a5 instead of b5 and then h8=N Kb5 the position actually remains quite tricky and the puzzle continues:
    Nxf7 Kc6
    Ne5+ Kd6
    Kc1 Ke6
    f7 Ke7
    Nd7 Kxf7
    Nxb6 Ke7
    Kd2 Kd8
    Kd3 Kc7
    Na4 Kc6
    and white wins by 1 tempo (this is the only winning line for white!)

  14. i didnt get the puzzle, but i got who would win, that counts.. right??

  15. h6 Ka4
    h7 b5
    h8N a6
    Kc1(if black play a5 white play now Ng6 and win)

    Kc1 Ka5
    Nxf7 Ka4
    Nd6 a5
    White win

  16. 1st puzzle is wrong. the black king isn't trapped because the white king can just move out c1, d2 and let the queen in to checkmate on a1.

  17. Real Chess Vibes fans know he has already shown the second puzzle in one of his videos

  18. Could've sworn the 2nd puzzle was featured in another one of ur vids

  19. First puzzle: You failed to state (explicitly) White to move and I wondered at first whether that was deliberate (apparently not, though). In fact, with Black to play, it's a draw.

  20. Second puzzle was one of the best I've seen. Great video!

  21. this was the longest ad I've ever enjoyed 😉

  22. I feel amazing cause I solved the puzzle from the thumbnail. And I'm only 1400. Lol

  23. these stories are so ridiculous, but the puzzles are really cool. cool vids btw

  24. Hope the fisherman at least calls for Coast Guard to save the other two guys.

  25. 11:54 the best move in that position is not promoting to a bishop. The best move would be Nb3+ because then the king has to move somewhere or the rook takes the knight. If king moves then we can promote a queen by capturing the rook. And if he captures our knight with his rook, then we go Kc2 and black is out of tricks. He does not have any logical moves: Rb1 is not good enough because you promote to a queen, Rb4 is not logical either because you promote to a rook, any other king or rook moves are not going to solve the problem for the black, and white is going to win this puzzle.

  26. This is bout to be a series, and if not then I'm gonna be so sad

  27. The trouble with the Bishop & Knight advantage is the 50 move rule. Most under the 2000 rating won't be able to do it. Frankly, Mate with Three Knights is easier.

  28. When you realise fischerman is actually stockfish 15

  29. Cant you just play Nb3+ at 11:22 if rook takes you promote to a queen and if king moves you capture the rook
    And rook vs queen is a win

  30. the second one you have already talked about it before right Nelson? Its so familiar

  31. Maybe tell who moves before asking me to say who is going to win?, just saying

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