2 Ridiculous Chess Puzzles

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  1. So what this the exception to the “you need at least 3 knights by themselves to checkmate”

  2. I have one question: In the end, couldn't he have moved his pawm instead of the king? That way it would have ended in a stalemate if white decided to bring his knight closer.

  3. Does the checkmate meet the strict definition of a smothered mate?

  4. 1st puzzle, why wouldn’t you play bishop d5 at first, protecting the pawn? If rook takes, you take, and you win.

  5. what if black just pushed the pawn right away when the bishop was out of position?

  6. 2nd puzzle at 8:28, I am curious why Black doesnt block check with Qd5 check? This seems like it solves all of their problems and reaches the white pawn before the white king. Is there something I am missing?

  7. the second one is just insane, a double bishop sacrifice followed by a double rook sacrifice is killer vs a queen + bishop

  8. Светослав Петровски says:

    9:37 Here the best move for black is Kc4, not Kb2. And the game becomes complicated.

  9. 7:43 instead of taking the bishop just promote in the white so you check him first

  10. What if the light squared bishop went to D5?

  11. why should the king make 2 useless moves if he could just move the pawn and get a stalemate or am i missing something

  12. in the second puzle , at the endof the mach, why woldnt black just push the pawn and get a stalemate or a knight and king endgame?

  13. in the first puzle, why didnt you go Bb5 to protect the pawn on f3?

  14. what if black pushes pawn before knight can come in it would be an stalemate

  15. @10:12 What if black pushes the pawn when the knight is on C5? Then white has to move his king or it's a stalemate. But as soon as white's king lets black's king move to B1, black can then promote the pawn next move.

  16. pos 1: black draws by Rb1 check instead of Rc3 check

  17. (Second Puzzle) I'm missing something? Wouldn't Black just force the draw once he was unable to win?

  18. In puzzle 2 cant black just draw with pawn a2?

  19. At the end there. What if black moves his last pawn forward instead of goinh back and forth with his king. Wouldnt it just be a draw then?

  20. Couldnt black just force a stalemate by moving his pawn instead of his king on the move after knight to c5?

  21. Black could force a stalemate by moving the pawn while the knight approaches in the last game

  22. What if Black plays Rb6 after white moves the bishop to e6 (The first move of first puzzle)

  23. 2:45 black can play kb2 and if white takes its stalemate and if he dosn't the rook moves away and its a draw

  24. 7:36Me: bro that's so easy qxb2 cxd8=N+ king moves to somewhere and then take the queen…

  25. 1:56, instead of taking the rook, why not Rc6? There is no threat in not taking the pawn.

  26. In the second puzzle, why can't black push his A pawn instead of Ka2? He's not in check and if white continues to move knight, it would be a stalemate. If white moves his king, the black king can escape!

  27. 10:08 black can draw this, considering he probably is seeing already the problem, by moving the king down, and moving the pawn, drawing the game because he cannot move anymore

  28. black could have survived for longer by not taking the pawn, but ultimately loses to the white pawn getting through

  29. But in the second puzle black could get a stale mat at the end after king to a1 you move the knight and instead of king to a2 pawn to a2 an is a stale mate on the next round or you have to give him space and he will get the queen

  30. In the second puzzle couldn't the queen just take the white bishop that's on the white square? I'm rated 800 so I don't really get what's wrong with that

  31. What if black moved the pawn to a2 sooner? White would have to take the stalemate or move the king back, freeing the way to a black queen, wouldn't it?

  32. Black could force a draw at the end. By doing pawn to A7

  33. whats stopping black from forcing a stalemate by pushing the pawn at 10:11?

  34. He moves pawn instead of king at the end of the second puzzle so black got a stalemate

  35. U may be wrong its a draw cause back can push the pawn before the knight reach

  36. 5:30 why doesn’t black take the bishop with the queen? Its still preventing the pawn from becomin* a queen.

  37. In the end of the last puzzle, black can just simply move the pawn before the horse gets in place, and trap itself out forcing a drawn. It's NOT a winnable position for white

  38. Why cant the pawn just Push to a2 and it is a stalemate?

  39. at the ending of the 2nd puzzle (white horse ending), black king can see what is going to happen, and place himself in the corner earlier and move the pawn. stalemating him. forcing white king to give up space which we lead on a draw or a black queen. am I wrong?

  40. Everytime I try to think 5 6 moves ahead I end up losing.

  41. If anyone is reading this please help
    I don’t know why but when my pawn gets to the end it turns into a queen without me selecting it?
    How do I turn that off?

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