2 Ridiculous Chess Puzzles

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  1. The second puzzle's smothered mate actually has a name. It is called "Stamma's Mate", named after a French chess player Philipp Stamma.

  2. in the 2nd puzzle what happens if he brings the pawn down after the king move? the knight is too slow?

  3. I’ve played the first puzzle agains stockfish and it has a clever move to avoid the trap. After bishop to e6 it plays rock to b6. It seems that there is no option to win this as white…

  4. 6:54 if you wanna be really mean you could under promote to a knight in that position XD

  5. in 2nd puzzle at ten min mark what if blake move the pawn at A2 this will be a stale mate? please can any one confirm this

  6. Isn't there a stalemate threat if Black moves the pawn to a7 early in the 2nd puzzle?

  7. The first puzzle isn't quite over at 2:47. Black has Kb1 and you can't take the took because of stalemate! But you can just throw in Bf5+ first and then everything works out.

  8. in last with knight what if he didnt move with king but with his pon to no move

  9. Tags to first puzzle: bishop pair, skewer.
    Tag to second puzzle: Mate in 15+ moves.

  10. "and ultimately we're going to be able to checkmate with the two bishops…" Speak for yourself Nelson 🤣

  11. I think I've said this before, but I really appreciate how you show, in full, lines and moves and ideas that are likely evident or clear to higher level players. Like, basically, I appreciate that you don't forget about your sub 1k rating audience. I'm not much above 1k but I remember being around 700 and getting really frustrated with some chess YouTubers when they would mention some idea or line off the cuff that I just couldn't see. You never do that. Cheers and thanks Nelson.

  12. Why doesn't d5 work for the white bishop?

    In the second puzzle at the end (around 10 min) can't black go king a1 and then pawn a2 and stalemate themselves before the knight gets into position to checkmate?

  13. 9:40 Once you play Kc1, can't Black play Ka1, then pawn to a2, forcing you to move your K to avoid stalemate, allowing Black to promote his pawn?
    EDIT: Never mind, Knight checkmates on b3.

  14. Now why wouldnt black go for a stalemate instead of moving the king back and forth

  15. Couldnt the pawn move forward at the end there and force stalemate? There must be a quicker way to get the knight there

    (Edit) Never mind it just would have forced the smothered mate 2 moves sooner

  16. Last puzzle, endgame 10:03 : what stops black from causing a stalemate by pushing the pawn on a3 – Ka1, Knc5, a2?, Knd3 but then it's a stalemate.

  17. 2nd puzzle black can make a draw if after king a1 -> pawn a2 = stalmate or white king have to move and lose after black gets a queen

  18. At the end of the second puzzle, why doesn't black push the pawn immediately to provoc the stalemate instead of going back and forth ?

  19. 7:12 when I saw that sequence with the double Rook sac and the pawn sac, followed by underpromotion to a Knight, I was positively disgusted. Devious af!

  20. Nelson—at 5:43 in the video, why couldn’t the black queen take the bishop on E6 instead of the black king? From there it could still defend c8 from the pawn, couldn’t it? I’m a noob, sorry if the answer is obvious!

  21. In the second puzzle, when the black king is trapped because of the black pawn and the white king, couldn't black just push the pawn and get a stalemate unless white moves the king and lets the black king out, before the white knight arrives to deliver checkmate. Even worse, if the white king moves and lets the black king out, black has a perfect opportunity to promote the pawn.

    Or am I missing something?

  22. Imagine winning an end game with a few pawns beating a queen

  23. cant he just push the pawn into his king and force a stalemate

  24. 10:23 it's not smothered mate. Smothered mate is when king is surrounded by it's own pieces (not the case here, just a pawn) and the knight is the only one attacking (here the king CRUCIALLY cuts off escape squares that would otherwise be occupied by blacks own pieces, ie. SMOTHERED.

  25. At 10.12 min why not black moves the pawn instead of repeating king moves for a stale mate

  26. In the second one I actually guessed two of the moves. I didn't see the continuations, but I figured they probably made sense. 😀

  27. Can't black force a stalemate at the end of the second puzzle by pushing the pawn earlier?

  28. But black can play a2 before the night arrives and than it is just stalemate, or am I missing something?

  29. The second puzzle was really good. I predicted 3 moves.

  30. After the white knight moves to C5, black could push the pawn at A3 to A2 thus effecting a stalemate?

  31. About second puzzle. Well black can just push pond forward and force to make draw and not move like stucked up and down. So it dont look like that line where white move to win. It's more a draw.

  32. 5:49 "Black has to take the bishop." Agreed, but why not with the queen?

  33. curious – n the second puzzle what if you do not move the king back but rather move the pawn to A2 forcing the white king away or end up in a stalemate. After black king moves to B2 the queen is coming and the white knight will be grabbed up also leading to a stale mate. Am I missing something (I am not very good but I love your puzzles).

  34. Thanks a lot for this presentation. Nice how all pieces will be reduced to just one knight!
    07:54 By the way, Qd4+ (instead of Qh8+) is possible at once as Pc3 will cover.

  35. 2:49 nice trick by black, king moves to b1 and if white immediately takes the rook it's stalemate.

  36. The 2nd puzzle, what if instead of moving the king down, back up, and then back down, wouldn't it be stalemate if they just move the pawn down after king down?

  37. But at the end of the second position black can just easily stalemate themselves

  38. These puzzles are great but there is something most of them have in common:

    We do not get a queen, we get a knight.

  39. Wait, if Black moves forward his pawn at 10:09, isn't it a stalemate at best? If you move your King away as white to avoid the stalemate as white, then black can move away his king from the trap, allowing himself a queen. If you don't move your king away as white, then blacks next turn has no move, stalemating.

  40. In the last one if black pushed the pawn earlier wouldn’t it be stale late? You know instead of moving the king back and forth?

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