2 Ridiculous Chess Puzzles

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  1. Am i missing something or would Qd5 at 8:41 result in a winning end game for black?

  2. You missed an important part of the last puzzle where if black tries to go for a stalemate

  3. Wait a second… but cant black just do a stalemate by just moving the king then the pawn and not doing circles?

  4. Amazing!
    Комментатор очень классный! Он так душевно объясняет 😍

  5. In that second puzzle, can't black just move his pawn forward at the end to get a stalemate instead of having his king go back and forth and get checkmated?

  6. 🎵 Trapped between two bishops
    feeling like a fool
    I thought I would escape checkmate
    Only to get schooled

  7. on the second position i think black should have pushed the pawn sooner cuz then its a draw and black cant get matted

    EDIT : the knight can check on b3

  8. In the 2nd puzzle, if we want the pawn out of the way, why not just rook take pawn?

  9. a week without chess puzzle from Nelson is a bad week

  10. in 9:46
    why can't black just move the king down then move the pawn to force a stalemate or put a escape if the white king move then promote the pawn to queen?
    edit:i just saw it if black did that then Nb3 checkmate

  11. In the last puzzle a2 Is a draw by stalemate

  12. "You only have a knight! You couldn't possibly checkmate me!"
    "You have a pawn."
    "But I can still draw!"
    "You misunderstand me. You have a pawn, therefore I can checkmate you."

  13. In the end of the second puzzle, couldn't black have pushed their pawn instead of moving their king back and forth to force a stalemate?

  14. 5:43 I'm obviously missing something, but why does black capture with the king and not the queen? The queen is still attacking c8 (so white can't just promote that pawn), add when white advances the other pawn to b7, black moves the bishop to e5 for a discovered check and attack on the pawn

  15. 1st puzzle absolutely stumped me but the second one…every single move up until after forking the king and queen was my first thought (and subsequently threw it out bc "it looks dumb")

  16. In the second puzzle what if black pushes the pawn instead of a king move. Isn't that slatemate. Explain yourself!!!

  17. 10:11 if black moves pawn white king has to move or else its a stillmate, and black csn push the pawn

  18. Man…………..BEAUTIFUL bro Beautiful.
    amazing. love your work man

  19. that 2nd game reminded me of being in a cult where ppl r just being sacrificed left and right.

  20. At 10:07 why can’t black just push the pawn first and force the white king to move to avoid a draw?

  21. On the last puzzle, couldn't black have forced stalemate by pushing the pawn earlier?

  22. I dont understand why the black in second puzzle waits for smothered mate instead of pushing pawn right away and either having a stalemate or white moving the king away

  23. cant he just move his pawn and force stalemate?

  24. You can't force a mate with two bishop isn't it or can you?

  25. Umm what if in the last puzzle after king to a1 and knight to c5 then pawn to a2?

  26. The first one is cool, but the second one is amazing! Imagine sacrificing 2 rooks, 2 bishops and 3 pawns, and then checkmate with a knight

  27. Can black force a draw with pon to a2 slightly before the end in the second match?

  28. Is there any reason you only let white win? 🤣

  29. for the second puzzle, what's stopping black from just pushing the pawn early and stalemating themselves?

  30. One thought on the second: If black's objective is to prevent white's win, couldn't it play for a stalemate and just push the pawn before the knight gets close?

  31. Why can’t black force the stalemate by advancing the pawn?

  32. What if black just forces a stalemate by pushing the pawn before the knight is in place? If white does king b3 it prevents the stalemate but ultimately allows the pawn to promote.

  33. What move on the 2nd puzzle! Maybe I should start under promoting m!! 🙂

  34. Plugged this into Lichess as a study with the thought of : What if the black king doesn't walk into the smothered mate? Whelp, black still loses: mate in 27 once white takes the queen with a knight. Great puzzle.

  35. I know where I've heard "enjoy the show" before. Your channel and Agadmator's are good for people like me that understand and appreciate chess but for whatever reason are no good at playing it. Awesome puzzles.

  36. I was just wondering why the black does not move the pawn in the last puzzle
    They could stalemate

  37. On the last on couldn’t black move the pawn and force a stalemate? or am I being silly?

  38. Hi Nelson, i have a que. About 2nd position.
    There is 1 chance for black to save himself by pushing last pawn to a2 immediately after king a1. Then it will be stalemate so king has to move to make room for king and then black can promote his pawn to queen. What you feel, please reply

  39. If it’s white to play, why sacrifice the bishop? Why not just take the pawn with the rook on d5?

  40. Puzzle 2:
    Remember, when you calculate this, you had to take into consideration that this only works if the king is on a dark square when your pony is a a light square and it is your turn to move. There is no way to lose a tempo without freeing the black king, once it is trapped, and no way to lose it before without letting the pawn promote.
    And as we know, the knight cannot lose an odd number of tempi.

    Imagine you calculate something like this, and realize that your knight is out of sync with the opponent's king.

  41. In first puzzle what if black plays rook to b6 instead of rook to b3

  42. The knight jump pattern reminds me a puzzle by Bolton (?): Mate in 11: 8/8/8/6N1/5Qp1/6q1/7k/5K2 w – – 0 1

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