2 Puzzles To Impress Magnus Carlsen

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Puzzle 1 FEN:
8/8/4k1P1/4p1p1/4K3/3P4/8/8 w – – 0 1
Puzzle 1 Details:
Grigoriev, 1923
Puzzle 2 FEN:
4B2r/5K1k/8/8/8/3r4/7N/R7 w – – 0 1
Puzzle 2 Details:
Gorgiev, 1938

The chess set behind me:
The Pieces:
The Board:

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  1. I so Kf5 immediately, it was obvious that taking the pawn draws

  2. I think the first puzzle has the type of solution that a strong player would be able to find in a classical game

  3. Puzzle 1, all three big moves were my first thoughts..

  4. Chess Variant: Random Chess. Difficulty: Expert. How Game Works: Every 5 Moves It Randomised The Moves Of Any Piece. (For Example If It Randomised the pawn so it moves like a knight the other pieces don't get Randomised only the pawn.). And If King Gives Check Or CheckMate With That U Technically CheckMated With A King, So Try It Pls.

  5. The winning move on puzzle 2 could of also been bishop f5, because if he took the bishop with the rook, you could of moved your knight to put him in check with your rook, then he only could of blocked with his rook, then you would take his rook with your rook and won. Or if he would of moved his king to h6 after you put him in check with bishop f5, then you could move your knight to g4 to put him in checkmate

  6. in the first puzzle what happends if you convert the pawn into a queen forcing them to take it and making the king be one square more afar so that you can take the pawns?
    i think it would not work but i wished he explained why it wouldn’t work

  7. Hey nelson everytime you sent a live video i miss it so can you choose the right time everyday

  8. Challenge: chess vs martin, except you cannot move any pieces which start on a white square (and you are white)

  9. The first puzzle is just bananas…. No matter how much time I have – there is no way I find that 😀

  10. The first puzzle is not so hard because you can kind of solve it move by move. You don't need to see the whole solution at the beginning in order to see why the early moves need to be played.

  11. Opposition is key in end games thanks for the tips

  12. 4:25
    If you move pawn to e5 here then wouldn’t you have the opposition and therefore would be in a winning situation?

  13. First puzzle. There is one more defense. WHERE ONLY WIN IS LET BLACK QUEENING FIRST.
    3. Kg4 e4!? 4. dxe4 Kf7 5. Kf5 Kg8 6. Kf6 only move. Black g pawn is running and queening first. But loose.

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