2 Puzzles To Impress Magnus Carlsen

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Puzzle 1 FEN:
8/8/4k1P1/4p1p1/4K3/3P4/8/8 w – – 0 1
Puzzle 1 Details:
Grigoriev, 1923
Puzzle 2 FEN:
4B2r/5K1k/8/8/8/3r4/7N/R7 w – – 0 1
Puzzle 2 Details:
Gorgiev, 1938

The chess set behind me:
The Pieces:
The Board:

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  1. Is there ways I know how to make sure I search all variations of a puzzle? I got the right idea for the second puzzle, but I didn't see the Rf8 variation until a few moves later. It would be nice if I could "see" all the variations before I play the video.

  2. I swear I thought it says 10 months ago and I was like how is this video got only 13 likes? Until I saw the comments with 10min ago

  3. In that last position it's cool that you get a bishop + knight checkmate in the opposite corner of the bishop, which is not normally possible. However, because of black's extra rook, it avoids stalemate the move before.

  4. That first puzzle there, is the essence of a chess puzzle. There are just the kings and a few pawns, and yet something beautiful arises out of them. That is one of the reasons why I love chess. Karpov was right: chess is an art. Thank you Nelson for showing us this and explaining it, I greatly appreciate it!

  5. Me: lets watch some of these chess puzzle vids, maybe ill improve
    after the video
    Me: hoW THE FU-

  6. Yes, thank you so much. I can't wait to surprise Magnus with these

  7. one of the only puzzles I can figure out was the first one, it was very nice

  8. 3:27 Ke7 is still winning, but is a waste of time, simply d4 is faster (and allows for keeping the opposition because the next move is d5 ).

  9. I think Nelsi is better than magnus in endgames.

  10. Endgame puzzle is so interesting and fascinating

  11. Me :How many times did you say opposition.
    Nelson : Yes

  12. At first puzzle couldnt you play g8=Q to either get their king or waste a move in order for them to get their king in corner???


  14. D xe4 then after kxg7 doesn’t e5 then opposition’s

  15. I'm gonna be honest, I don't think I ever solved any of your puzzles xD
    But I learned a lot uwu

  16. If I played a game with the first puzzle in it, I wouldn’t have drawn. I’d have probably straight up lost.

  17. This was the First time that I solved a puzzle in my head (with all variations) that Nelson said we probably won’t be able to; big day for me! 🎉

  18. My craziest wins in Chess was when I gave up the rook a few times. Looked like a blunder each time; I sort of recall the board at a generic key points from 2007 think and 2023 now a good 16 years went by. Simply I could have saved my rook but let the knight go down to A1 to move a pawn forward twice while his Queen was somewhere not a threat. As the Knight would have moved back to where took the rook the pawns were in such a way by the time he noticed what was happening it was an unstoppable now prior stoppable 2nd queen situation for me as I won with 2 Queens. Was on my left side of the board as well. I forgot if I was White or Black. Just the basics I have not forgotten. He never should have took my rook it was worth the sacrifice. Nor have I been in that spot again; to the point me and him also did an hour long chess game with nothing taken ending in a draw as kind of learned it was not always that simple if it looked simple yet funny thing was I bluffed that draw I had nothing to comeback why don't give up; just our history made him 2nd guess when some games should this one was not the case which the human element of history changes allot of things lol.

  19. Love the channel btw, it's a helpful and entertaining way to present chess. The full games are sometimes too much (like, who wants to watch an entire basketball game when a 20-sec highlight is all you need), and the puzzles (the ones with like 46 pawns vs 8 knights) are unnatural and not really chess. This is great because the situations are natural/plausible, and the solutions are still ludicrous and impressive.

  20. Are you experimenting with Magnus clickbait?

  21. It's fascinating how complicate such "simple" pawn endings can be. In blitz mode, with low time on the clock, mistakes will show up quickly….😆

  22. 7:13 I eliminated that as a possible move because I saw black's follow up move

  23. I got most of the first puzzle pretty quickly. The second one stumped me hard.

  24. Head brain hurts before Nelson even began 😂😂😂

  25. 7:32 another winning move is pawn to g8 to promte it to the queen and then we can get an opposition

  26. The first puzzle is actually not that difficult. Only need to remember the principles of King-Pawn endgame.

  27. You overcomplicated 2nd puzzle. There is checkmate in 2 moves. Knight to f3. If rook takes rook h1 checkmate. If black move king rook h1 checkmate again cuz knight is covering g5.

  28. For the first time, I actually was able to call every correct move in all the positions in the first puzzle. Fairly happy about this.

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