2 Moves Checkmate Puzzle

2 Moves Checkmate Puzzle

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  1. Never let them know your next move
    Flips the chess board

  2. Now im questioning if a chess puzzle can only be won by sacrificing some piece

    Also love the way you say 'checkmate'

  3. "How to save your knight" 3 seconds later "Sacrifice your knight"

  4. How to win chess puzzles:
    Sacrifice your pieces
    How to save pieces:
    Sacrifice them
    EDIT: Mom I'm famous
    EDIT: This is the most likes I ever got on a comment. Thanks for 1155 likes

  5. Bro really said checkmate in cursive 😂

  6. The way he says checkmate is highly satisfying

  7. I can see mate in 1 but not mate In 2 or above ones you did the first move of the mate in 2 I saw checky checky check check

  8. him:when the rook take- mE: QF7 CHECK AND THEN TAKE THE ROOK (HOLLY MY FIRST 10 LIKES SHI*…

  9. The urge to fork blacks rook after sacrificing the knight

  10. Queen f7 after sacrifice picks up the rook for free

  11. Dang my first thought after seeing the knight move (I paused for a bit) was a king and rook fork

  12. Answer, you don't 😂😂😂😂😂

  13. I see this checkmate pattern in one of Magnus carlsen game 🧐

  14. Queen f7 wins thw rook as the first move after capturing ghe knight man

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