2 Moves Checkmate Puzzle

2 Moves Checkmate Puzzle

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  1. "… What if i tell you that white checkmates in 2 moves,
    hard to belive i know."

    yes, because it's untrue.

  2. its not a mate in 2 lmao, this is just 'wishing' in a game, i calculated everything and at most u win a rook

  3. What about qf7 because after the rook takes then you play the move then you win the rook and the game

  4. I'm pretty sure you could have won earlier because kings can't kill kings

  5. Wait after the rook takes the knight isnt there queenf7 check and win a rook or u just want a checkmate?

  6. heisenbird • 421K views • 4 minutes ago says:

    after moving your knight can’t you just move queen f7 and fork king for rook

  7. Of course the best way to safe a rook is to lose the Game, ez

  8. Moves Queen to f7 and not the King to d4*
    video is usless*
    but still good video lol

  9. CatCrispyplayzGames [Name Change Soon!!!] says:

    "But now…"

  10. So beautiful to see a couple fighting with each other

  11. Anyone can explain why not go QF7 check wfter sacking the horse?

  12. After rook takes knight, queen f7 is a free rook

  13. That goofy "cHeKmAit" is killing me rn 😂😂

  14. white king from top chess would never do this

  15. sac knight check with queen dont move rook and take 1 rook by force

  16. Instead of moving rook why don't it move king to C7?

  17. Queen f7 was a way to win the rook i suppose

  18. Similar to one of fishers end game checkmate

  19. "The rook is forced to cover, which leads to checkmate" forced? Bruh that's a blunder

  20. You know queen f7 forks king and rook bruh

  21. you know what they say, life is like a a game of chess.

    I have no clue how to play chess

  22. Was it only me that saw the checkmate 5 seconds into the vid?😅

  23. I didn't get it right at the end, because black is actually not forced to cover, you could always just sacrifice the rook and go on, so I didn't go that line…

  24. How to save your knight here. You sacrifice the knight 😂


    Bro just move him to f8

  26. i may be wrong but would it not be better to have not moved your king and to have put your queen from c4 to f7 forking the rook?

  27. Bro thinks I’m a lot smarter than I really am ☠️


  29. When the rook takes the knight you can move queen to f7 and fork

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