2 Jaw-Dropping Chess Puzzles

Puzzle 1 FEN:
8/1p6/p7/Qp6/PP6/2qp4/8/1k1K2RR w – – 0 1

Puzzle 1 Details:
A. Kakovin (Kadievka)
1st Prize Problem 1966-67

Puzzle 2 FEN:
3b4/3p4/q3pk1P/1pQ3p1/4rpP1/3p1P1K/p1b2rPB/1R6 w – – 0 1

Puzzle 2 Details:
Savo Zlatic (Zagreb)
4th Hon. Men. Problem 1962-65

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  1. in the first puzzle black can block with the queen on a5 instead of going to b8 and allowing m1. the queen is sacked and king will go to b8 anyway, but rook a8 is not mate. it is still a completely winning endgame for white, but black can delay it for some more moves.

  2. On the second puzzle when Queen c7 to c3 check there was another option for black to defend with which makes 2 mistakes in this puzzle. Instead of moving Rook d4 to e4 black could also be defended with pawn e5 to e4. Then Rook b1 to b5 check. Queen then has to move to either c5 or e5 to defend and is a checkmate on either Queen to capture the queen on c5 or the Queen to c7.

  3. The second puzzle seems to have multiple outs for black to not get checkmated. in the original composition problem, what if instead of the F4 black pawn taking queen, black moves F6 Bishop to G5? After white promotes H7 white pawn to queen and gains check, black moves Bishop back to F6. That effectively ends the immediate threat to black’s king as it provides an escape route. White will have 2 queens while black has 1 queen, 2 bishops, and a rook.

  4. In the first puzzle what if instead of taking the queen black plays something like Qb2? We play Rg2?

  5. 0.59 why can't the black queen go to C2 instead in the first puzzle and check the white king?

  6. was i the only one yelling" THE PAWN CAN TAKE THE QUEEN" at 7:13

  7. The first puzzle was like playing "check"ers, lol. I got the first one. The second one stumped me.

  8. Another flaw in puzzle-2: after Qf8-Ke5; h7 black can play Kd5 instead of Bf6.

  9. It's always a queen or rook sacrifice 🙄

  10. Chess can you pls 1v1 me possessive want to see how good I am

  11. That second puzzle was kinda bunk because they really didn't have to play bishop f6. Instead they could have played pawn takes rook for a second queen.

  12. So funny he had to trap himself. I just love your videos! Keep it up man!

  13. In secon d puzzle queen could have been captured by black pawn
    In most puzzles he hides stockfish because he knows there's no mate

  14. Too many of the moves in the 2nd puzzle arent forced and black has lots of alternatives. i cant see a forcing line.

  15. On 5:12, why isn't Kd4 an option? It seems like a valid move that alters the position?

  16. 5:50 in the bisbop wouldnt block check the pawn would just take the queen sureley?

  17. On the second puzzle on the be4 line, why cant you go bg1, if the queen gets taken you ho back to h2 with mate and if the queen doesnt get taken you take the rook for mate am I missing something?

  18. Second puzzle is so full of holes it might as well be called Swiss Cheese.

  19. "If you want to achieve excellence, you can get there today. As of this second, quit doing less-than-excellent work." -Thomas J. Watson

  20. I'm confused, in the first puzzle at 2:46 isn't rook to b5 checkmate? The rook is covered by the pawn and the pawn is covered by the other rook. I'm guessing I'm missing something since I haven't seen this in the comments. Is the idea just that you can force checkmate anyway and have more fun with it?

  21. 5:11 Instead of block with the queen, black king can go to d4. White can throw in a couple more checks with the rook and the queen, but afterwards black gets to promote the a2 pawn.

  22. If you were to take the pawn in the first puzzle with your rook instead of the other pawn you would mate

  23. The first move of the first one was easy. If there's only one move that doesn't immediately end the game with you winning, it's the best one.

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