2 Incredible Chess Problems – 90% Players Can’t Solve This | Puzzle Challenge – Find the Best Moves

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In today’s chess video, we’ll look at some of the most amazing chess puzzles/problems I’ve ever seen. We also have some interesting chess stories to go along. This involves a lot of chess thinking in terms of strategy, tactics, moves & ideas so, try solving these chess problems if you are a Genius and if you do manage to find the solutions, let me know in the comments. Chess Challenge – 90% Players Can’t Solve this! You need to find the best moves for white – We’ll look at the solutions as well, but you should try it on your own to test your chess skills & talent. These exercises will help beginners & kids to improve & get better at finding the best moves in different positions on the chessboard. These are some of the best chess stories, which show the results of cheating by using chess engines & why you should have the confidence in your own chess ability & intuition. I also have an interesting chess puzzle at the end of this video, let’s see if you can solve that.

Video Chapters:
0:00 2 Incredible Chess Puzzles & Stories
0:10 Chess Story: Problem #1 & Solution
6:12 About BetterHelp
7:17 Chess Story: Problem #2 & Solution
9:40 Chess Puzzle – Can You Solve it?

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  1. puzzle solution: Rd4+ king has no moves and the Queen is forced to take which is a deflection tactic and then a very simple g3#

  2. Variation – 1
    White Black
    Rd4 Qxd4

    Variation – 2
    White Black
    Rd4. g4

  3. Puzzle answer:
    Rd4+(Check) Blacks queen is forced to take the rook, as black has no option to move his king to any other squares. and the White's next move g3 is the Checkmate.

  4. I think the answer to the puzzle is rook d4 check. His only move is to block with the bishop and then we capture the bishop. Then his only move is pawn to g4 and then rook g4 is mate.

  5. 𝐖𝐡𝐢𝐭𝐞 𝐢𝐬 𝐰𝐢𝐧𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠

  6. Challenging puzzles and an excellent story! Also the AI images make it kinda cool…..

  7. Solution for the puzzle
    1. Rd4+, Qxd4(only move)
    (As Be4 will be mate after Rxe4)
    2. g3 will be mate as queen is covering the h5 square

  8. Rook d4 if queen takes then g3 if bishop e4 then rook takes.

  9. The engine backfired badly for that kid.
    Also he should have thought logically that how can his opponent find such strong moves in a minute.

  10. How can white win, you ask? Easy. Send the British empire to India, teach them English. Now black speaks white. Checkmate…

  11. Yes I also Subscribe Jetandra from 300k subscribers And now he have forget us😢

  12. sir why are you not uploading regularly

  13. Answer to the puzzle: First Rook to d4 check, forcing the queen to take as the king has no moves. This results in a deflection which results in PAWN MATE with g3

  14. Chess talk sir I am following you for a long time. Your videos helped me a lot

  15. Vo bhi kya din the jab hum Samay Raina ki stream dekha kate the Aapke video dekha karte the or din bhar Chess khelte the ♟️♟️♟️

  16. Jeetendra g3# is the answer to the puzzlle

  17. In Blitz game Ben should capture william's pawn so that he can go for draw again. Night & Bishop pair can mate the king but it's too complicated.

  18. 1]rd4 ,Qinto d4,g3 checkmate 2]rd4,g4,,rinto g4 checkmate

  19. Puzzle
    1st give check with rook
    Queen is forced to take it then u move the unpinned pawn and deliver a checkmate

  20. Rd4+, if Qxd4, then g4#. If g4, then Rxg4#.

  21. Rd4+, if Qxd4 then g3# and if Be4, Rxe4, g4 Rxg4#

  22. Some of the students in the AI-generated image at 0:22 have really weird eyes! 😂

  23. Better help company had serious issues of leaking personal information of customers. They use to sell this information to companies those have market of stress relief pills, sleeping pills, etc… please avoid such websites

  24. rd4 check and opponent commits suicide

  25. Answer to puzzle. Rook to d4 check. Queen takes rook. Pawn to g3 checkmate.

  26. Does the dude making this video realize how bad the AI generated images of the kids are??? For one, the kids look creepy as hell. Most of the images have floating arms, missing arms, or other elements in the pictures that are out of place or don't make sense. Sorry dude, but generative AI isn't there yet.

  27. Rd4 check sacrificing the rook if queen takes the rook g3 is a checkmate so if queen doesn’t take the rook and plays g4 then Rxg4 is a checkmate

  28. What u say, same shown on d screen, because of that, we not able to see complete board

  29. Puzzle Solution:
    If Qxd4 then g3#
    If g4 then Rxg4#
    If Be4 then Rxe4. g4 then Rxg4#

  30. bro is back with a great video, more videos plz

  31. I can't believe he hidden his phone in the rest room🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ …Never a dull moment with children

  32. 1. rook to d4 2. queen takes rook 3. pawn to g3 checkmate

  33. 9:47 Puzzle solution:Rd4+ then case 1:If Qxd4 g3 is mate
    case 2:if bishop or pawn block capture bishop or pawn with the rook for a follow up mate by just capture the blocking pieces.

  34. Rook to d4 because if queen takes we can checkmate with pawn

  35. The best move for white is Rd4+
    1)If Qxd4 then pawn G3 is checkmate
    2)If Be4 then Rxe4 is checkmate
    3)If pawn G4 then Rxg4 is checkmate

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