2 Fascinating Composed Problems

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  1. When i thought about the Ba3 i was so amazed it worked. The pawn imprisoning the king is just great

  2. In the 2nd puzzle at 6:40, what if they don't b5 but instead go b6?

  3. There's a simpler solution to this wonderful puzzle that involves maneuvering the White King first to d3 and then to b3.

    1. Be3+ Kb1 2. Bh6 b5 3. Ke7 b4 4. Kf6 b5 5. Kg5 Kc1 6. Kf5+ Kb1 7. Kf4 Kc1 8. Ke4+ Kb1 9. Ke3 Kc1 10. Kd3+ Kb1 11. Bd5 b3 12. Bxb3 b4 13. Be6 b3 14. Kc3 Ka2 15. Bxb3+ Kb1 16. Bf4 h5 17. Be6 h4 18. Kb3 h3 19. Bf5#

  4. Wait I think I am overlooking something why can't we move the with pawn to f3 at 3:01 and solve it like that without losing the rook?

  5. I like how even the warm up is still difficult for me :c

  6. Wait for the second puzzle (I love this btw) can black claim stalemate by repetition because the king did the same move 3 times

  7. Super
    Thanks for posting this problem which I saw some 45 years ago. I got Bh6; but could not solve it.

  8. 3:29 Nelson – Black is going down the board
    Me – yeah Black show the board who's the boss

  9. 2nd puzzle – Black King – i have 4 pawns
    White King – cool, then they can help me checkmate you

  10. Why was Bishop to f5 not the first move in the warm-up puzzle?

  11. 2nd mate in puzzule 2: Kd3,Kc1,Ba2,Kd1,Bd2
    Now black has two options b4 or b1
    If b4 then Bb3..a beautiful checkmate
    If b1 then B×b1,b4,Bc2..again a beautiful checkmate pls pinn

  12. In the first one if the bishop wasn't hanging you could do Rook to a4 and bishop to f5 and it would be check mate,
    Just a fun fact.

  13. when black could of done en passant when the white pawn moved forward

  14. For the first one exd7 nxd7 bf5+ forking knight with check

  15. that checkmate on the second puzzle is incredible

  16. About the first puzzle, why should the first move be the more advanced pawn to E7, why don't we play the other pawn to F3, now if we do that, what can black actually do, they can't take the pawn with the rook because of the bishop fork with check and if they try to take the bishop with the rook or the our pawn with theirs we can just give them check with our rook to H2 and win theirs so we end up with a rook and a pawn against a knight and a pawn which should be a winning endgame for white? What do you think about that?

  17. Is it racist that i assumed zugzwang was a chinese word?

  18. That's cool but that can't happen in a game right?

  19. The 2 puzzle also has another way to checkmate, a mate in 3. It's be4+, then black moves the king to a2, you move the white king to c2, the black king moves the pawn to b3, and you checkmate with bb3.

  20. I didn’t expect to force black to checkmate himself

  21. White always wins chess problems. — George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four

    9:37 More precisely, FORCING Black to take the bishop. Now I see how White's going to cover b1 and a2!

  22. Ok that second puzzle was fantastic. It didn’t have a million pieces but was still in-depth.

  23. The first puzzle is insane, but white can promote the e pawn in 2 moves only, right?


  25. after he takes at 9:39 you can move your king down one to d1 then he has to move the pawn down and bishop c2 is checkmate

  26. The last puzzle was great, but there is even easier mate, but not that beautiful

  27. Kd1 -> a2 -> Bc2 is arguably nicer, but whatever floats your boat

  28. Can't Black just do knight d5 on the first puzzle and fork if white promotes?

  29. In the first puzzle.. why will Bf5! Not win? After black king moves…then push the pawn. How can black prevent promotion of the pawn?

  30. At 9:40, instead of moving the white Bishop, White could move Kd1, still forcing … a2, then finishing with Bc2.

  31. For the second puzzle, Can you bring the Kind down to d3 using the staircase maneuver, then move your light-colored bishop to g8 (or anywhere along the diagonal), forcing b3, then Bishop takes on b3, then Black pushes the pawn to b4, then white can again move the Bishop to g8 and after black pushes the pawn to b3, we can bring the white King to c3. This forces a mate once the King goes to a2 and Bishop takes on b3 with check. We can maneuver the King to b3 and mate before black is even close to queening.

    This seems to be a win as well, forcing mate. Quicker, but not as pretty.

  32. What about starting with Bf5+, forcing Kh4?

  33. Also relevant that Bb3 blocks black from playing b3, forcing bxa3.

  34. 1st puzzle is the most disgusting example of interference I’ve ever seen

  35. when you asked which king move white should play for the second puzzle i got really confused because i actually calculated the move to be Bh6
    i surprisingly calculated the entire line in like a few seconds lol

  36. I saw the draw for white fairly quickly, I wouldn’t have a chance in hell of winning that position though

  37. My engine on my phone has been on for 15 minutes and hasn’t found the win. Incredible stuff.

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