2 Chess Puzzles To Impress Your Friends πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

Try these amazing puzzles out yourself:

Puzzle 1 FEN: 6B1/8/8/6n1/1K6/8/1ppppp1p/bkqbrrbr w – – 0 1

Puzzle 2 FEN: k7/P7/P7/P7/P7/P7/P7/R3K3 w Q – 0 1

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The chess set behind me:
The Pieces:
The Board:

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  1. I've seen rambling rooks. This is the first time I've seen a rambling knight. (Tim KrabbΓ© invented the term "rambling rook". The piece is practically uncapturable, because capturing it would be immediate stalemate.)

  2. The second problem was composed by William Shinkman in 1887. This is the most famous unsound problem of all time, with the 1.Kd2 cook (unintended solution) discovered by solvers back in 1929.

  3. I've had the first position happen to me in plenty of games, always blunderd stalemate, thanks for teaching us hoe to win

  4. Thanks for leting me know that i could have won this position!
    Just encountered it in last game i played!
    Got to know that its Really a well known theoritical position

  5. When Nelson took that rook at the edge. I was like what?
    Few moves later realized that black can finally make his Queen to lose the game

  6. Is King to A 3 is a legal move? Blacks pawn has control of that square. Maybe I'm missing something.

  7. 5:00 (Stockfish's answer to second puzzle) – what if, at this point, Black ignores the last free pawn and backs up a square? White rook cant now go A3 then A1 mate as the white pawn is in the way.

  8. 2:50 "Black can get a Queen just in time to get checkmated."
    ~Nelsi 2022

  9. broooooooooooooooooooo

    how people say chess isnt amazing!

  10. Two fantastic little bits of chess, right there.

  11. The solution to the first puzzle: 1. Bd5 Ne4 2. Bxe4 Ka2 3. Bd5+ Kb1 4. Bxh1 Ka2 5. Bd5+ Ka2 6. Ka3 h1=Q/R/B/N 7. Ba2#
    I gotta be honest about the second one, I don't see the point of solving puzzles like this when you can win by playing basically any legal move.

  12. I've never known what to do in these positions. I lost the game all the time. Now I know for next time. πŸ™‚

  13. Love to see my opponent make the classic blunder where they promote a pawn to a rook, line up all 6 of their remaining pawns for promotion, and then methodically move nearly all of their remaining pieces behind those pawns without once checkmating me. Happens more often than you'd think, and they get so mad when they realise what they've done.

  14. 2nd puzzle, what if black plays ka4 instead of taking the last pawn after white played kc3?

    Oh…saw it, white to play a waiting move, rc5 to rh5, then the only legal move for black is ka3, then white ra5#, still mate in 8…

  15. Awesome puzzles! Now let me go tell all 0 of my friends.

  16. I was gonna prepare a paragraph o slangs untill I found out that black is going the other way round

  17. This probably isn’t the right forum to ask, but when black has no legal moves except one that would put him in check, why is that not a win for white? How is that a draw? I get that those are the rules for chess but like…those are dumb rules, right?

  18. i would find it so funny if you made up a position similar to the first one, and instead of trying to explain whether white could win or not, you just blank face stare at the camera and say no. Then immediately cut to the next puzzle.

  19. First off. If there is no legal moves how does black not lose? Second. Nobody is going to be impressed by this

  20. You could have started on the first puzzle and said the pawns are going the other way, because when you brought the white king down, it just looked like he was putting himself in check by the black pawn. Just a bit confusing at first.

  21. I spent the first 2 minutes confused which 2 directions the pawns were going

  22. stockfish is so good it found a way around a trick puzzle

  23. 4:44 King can just go b8 then after rook e8 or a7 it can just escape, right ?

  24. Why can't you go bishop to c4 instead of d5 in the first one?

  25. How is King to A3 a valid move? Isn't that a pawn check?

  26. rook go c1then black king take pown rook on c7 and try checkmate black king

  27. If I'm not mistaken there's quite a lot of ways (in exactly 8 moves) for the second, assuming promotion is allowed as normal. 1. Rb1 Kxa7 2. a1 Q Ka8 (or a6) 3. Qb2 ka7. Then waste four moves with your king (or Q/R, just get them back in position), then 8. Qb4/b5/b6/b7 as needed.

  28. Dude the king can’t move in check with the pawn

  29. I enjoy your videos mon but you are moving your king into check by the b2 pawn

  30. These chess puzzles to impress my friends speaks for itself

  31. Thanks for teaching me how to deal with this! My enemies really tripped after having black's position!

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