2 Chess Puzzles Guaranteed To Amaze You

These are 2 of my favorite chess studies composed by Mark Liburkin. The geometrical ideas at play are truly mind boggling and are sure to make you smile.

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  1. Both positions were amazing. I prefer the first one, it’s like the skewer was β€œforced” because it would happen anyway. (Well of course only if we play the correct moves with white). The second position was also pretty cool, the king just went on a walk, β€œexploring” , kind of, the chess board.

  2. DBGames - Noticias de videojuegos, gameplays y mΓ‘s says:

    You could have win the Queen earlier. Pushing with your pawn at any time for example 2:12

  3. At the start of the 2nd puzzle, you failed to address the move by white of Rook takes Bishop. That seems to be a winner for white.

  4. I’m the 2nd study what if we start with RxC8?

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