2 Chess Puzzles Guaranteed To Amaze You

These are 2 of my favorite chess studies composed by Mark Liburkin. The geometrical ideas at play are truly mind boggling and are sure to make you smile.

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  1. Whenever I get the right move in these puzzles, I never get the exact square but always on a square that does the same thing

  2. Queen is unbelievably OP in the end game. When are they gonna nerf it

  3. In the second puzzle
    What if black delivers a check with the rook ?

  4. In problem #2 you keep referring to potential checks by Black's c8 Bishop as discovered checks. These are not technically discovered checks, they are discoveries on the Queen.

  5. in the second puzzle doesn't Raxc8 work too? if not please explain!

  6. I'm not shocked with the tricks on the 2nd puzzle but the 1st one kinda caught me by surprise. Very elegant!

  7. I enjoyed these puzzles very much! More of that would be very cool!

  8. 2:16 why not check with the pawn?? And get their queen?? If they take the pawn or move away from the attack either way you will get their queen without exchanging queens

    By then they either stop playing or white will eventually win

  9. Could not the pawn check the king in the first puzzle forcing KxP and then check secures queen

  10. I enjoyed both very facinating but I liked the amazing king walk more because I knew it my self when I had seen the bishops

  11. Hey guys I use cheat engine with smartphone fist 5 move engine then random move try to exchange major pieces bring opponent to endgame and try to help with engine opponent become mad.
    I never get caught I have lots of id .
    I use smartphone for cheating .
    This is so much fun hahahahaha

  12. Wouldn't at 2:00, checking with the pawn work too.

  13. At 10:45 why dont you eat the dark square bishop and he takes our rook and i it queen vurses 1 rook and 1 bishop easy as that.

  14. But in the second position, if I take the bishop with the rook instead of promote the pawn?

  15. Qh8 the pawn F4 (why doesn't this work ? king has to take the pawn and then you can take the queen.

  16. First puzzle: Chess Vibes: Just runnin' the queen around to get that queen. Me; Why don't you check black by the pawn and sac it right away?

  17. What if you take with the rook on C8 at the very start?

  18. Both puzzles are mind-blowing. Please do more.

  19. how about checking with the white pawn and win the queen …

  20. Second one great first one brill puzzles are great fantastic way to learn chess β™ŸοΈβ™ŸοΈβ™ŸοΈβ™ŸοΈβ™ŸοΈβ™ŸοΈβ™ŸοΈβ™ŸοΈβ™ŸοΈπŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘

  21. Um actually, the pawn on f3 could simply move on f4 check, king to f4, Queen to h2 and the Queen is skewered.

  22. why not f4 check when white Queen in B8 blocked by black queen at d6. we can get queen at that step I guess

  23. I enjoyed both puzzles, but prefer the first one, since the dancing queen made the other queen trapped on another position, which was quite interesting… And, I actually found those plays perfectly correct by first move instinct, what I mean is, the moves I first thought of was the correct moves you suggested lol and maybe it's the only natural first moves for everybody else? Idk lol anyway, great explanations! ^^

  24. I think at the position 2:12, white can go F3 to check Black's king. (look carefully)

  25. bruh why don't you move the pawn up when black queen is in f6 nad white queen is in h8

  26. hello chess vibes in 2mins 25secs queen to b8 is correct but also queen to h2 works you said the pawn would block and then queen would do b2 skewers the black king and queen right.

  27. in the amazing king walk king to d2 is right because there's no discovered attack

  28. Puzzle 2: King definitely got his walking workout in on this game!

  29. 2:06 i think pawn f4 is also a good move make the king stay away from queen and has to move so we basiclly just take the queen easy they can have our pawn but we get the free queen

  30. In number 1 problem instead of the black Queen blocking the pawn can block

  31. What if we just play Rook captures c8 as the first move of the second study?
    We can avoid the threat of the bishop check, because it would just lead to a trade of rooks and the promotion to a queen. And if he doesn't play that, we can either promote to a queen safely.
    While there is one variation I see that speaks against playing this, it would have been interesting to mention and play through in the video

  32. there were more moves. you forgot to mention about the very important pawn to f4 move which was not possible due to dark bishop pin. might seem obvious to an experienced playeer, but not so obvious to a regular guy. and this is what this video is all about

  33. I liked king walk more because you need to do every move right or you lose 1 wrong move you lose and same for the opponent so it's cool

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