2 Chess Problems That Will Impress Your Cat (unless it’s Mittens)

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Puzzle 1 FEN:
kNr1BNR1/2r5/2p5/2p5/K7/8/8/8 w – – 0 1
Puzzle 1 Details:
Gurvich, 1927

Puzzle 2 FEN:
8/6p1/6PP/2k5/r4B2/8/8/5K2 w – – 0 1
Puzzle 2 Details:
Gulayev, 1956

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  1. Wild suggestion , but in the arrangement at 8:26 you could promote the pawn to a Knight, then all your pieces are covered and you can move the bishop away to let the other pawn through. Even if they sack the rook to take the pawn you can with Bishop and Knight.

  2. Puzzle 1 doesn't work if black plays rook b7 on the 2nd move.

  3. My cat is just gonna knock everything on the board, so she has a very high win rate. Unless she doesn’t knock her own king then she’s fine. 😂

  4. Your videos are awesome. A suggestion please add a timestamp url if you have more than a puzzle.

  5. Man whats up with these puzzles, they feel impossible to solve. Every one of your video felt impossible. Again I am 600 rated.

  6. Fun idea for a video against martin: Infected Chess, Everytime MARTIN takes a piece, it becomes his, when this happens you go back 1 turn, and change the piece he took into his color. See if you can win.
    I think this is pretty hard but winnable against Martin

  7. that 2nd puzzle was more of a "deflection" tactic than a sacrifice

  8. I think it would be a good idea to make a video about a bot such as Martin or anyone you choose, where if you take a piece, the piece comes back and u have to capture it 3 times to fully kill that piece, and checkmate u can do it only 1 move and don’t have to checkmate 3 times. You can do it like 1 one time if it is hard or whatever you would like

  9. For the final puzzle, what if the rook moves to h5 first instead of checking the king? That would stop it, wouldn't it? It would at least stop the bishop sacrifice and result in losing the bishop without the g pawn getting to move since it would be a check. I checked this on an analysis board, and it is not a mate. The time stamp is 7:22.

  10. When he says "If you've had a chance to look at that, the move is"


  11. Challenge: ability chess

    Every move u must activate one of martin’s pieces ability.
    Pawn ability: promotes the pawn into a random piece
    Knight ability: captures all of ur pieces that could be captured if it was a knight rider
    Bishop ability: fires a laser that captures all of ur pieces along the diagonals
    Rook ability: turns all of martin’s pawns in to rooks for 5 moves.
    Queen ability : creates 5 temporary queens that last for 5 moves
    King ability: creates a wall of pawns around the king and the pieces around the king.

  12. So I analyzed the first puzzle with Stockfish, and…. it found a way to draw the game somehow. I don't know why it did it like this, but this is apparently what my engine after analysis and making moves found what to do to save the game as Black. (first move was White's, of course) Thought it was fascinating because white was to play and WIN, except White doesn't win. Stockfish busted another puzzle it would seem.
    1. Na6 Re7 2. Ng6 Rb7 3. Nxc5 Rbb8 4. Ne6 Ka7 5. Rg7+ Rb7 6. Rxb7+ Kxb7 7.

    Bd7 Ra8+ 8. Kb4 Ra1 9. Ne5 Rb1+ 10. Kc3 Re1 11. Nc4 Rc1+ 12. Kb3 Rb1+ 13.

    Kc2 Re1 14. Kd2 Rf1 15. Nc5+ Kc7 16. Be6 Rh1 17. Kc3 Kd8 18. Kd4 Rd1+ 19.

    Ke4 Rh1 20. Ne3 Kc7 21. Kd4 Rh4+ 22. Kc3 Kd8 23. Nf5 Rh1 24. Nd3 Kc7 25.

    Bc4 Rh5 26. Ne3 c5 27. Nf2 Rh8 28. Neg4 Rh4 29. Kd2 Rh8 30. Ne5 Rh4 31. Ke3

    Kb6 32. Nfd3 Rh3+ 33. Kf4 Rh2 34. Kg4 Ka7 35. Kf3 Kb6 36. Nf4 Rh4 37. Ke3

    Kc7 38. Ke4 Kb6 39. Ng6 Rh2 40. Ne7 Ka5 41. Kd3 Rh1 42. Nc6+ Ka4 43. Ne5

    Ka5 44. Kd2 Rh8 45. Kc3 Rh2 46. Bd3 Rh8 47. Nc4+ Ka6 48. Nd5 Kb7 49. Na5+

    Ka7 50. Bb5 Rh1 51. Nc6+ Kb7 52. Nce7 Rc1+ 53. Kb2 Rh1 54. Bd3 Rh2+ 55. Kc3

    Rh3 56. Kc4 Rh4+ 57. Kxc5 Rh1 58. Kc4 Rc1+ 59. Kb3 Rg1 60. Kb4 Ka7 61. Kb5

    Kb7 62. Kc5 Rh1 63. Bf5 Ka6 64. Nb4+ Ka5 65. Bc2 Rh5+ 66. Ned5 Rh6 67. Ne3

    Rh5+ 68. Nbd5 Rh2 69. Nc4+ Ka6 70. Bf5 Ka7 71. Nd6 Rh5 72. Bd3 Rh1 73. Ne7

    Rc1+ 74. Kb5 Rd1 75. Be4 Re1 76. Nc6+ Ka8 77. Bf3 Rf1 78. Nd4+ Kb8 79. Be2

    Rb1+ 80. Kc6 Re1 81. Bg4 Rg1 82. Bf5 Rg5 83. Bd7 Rg7 84. N4b5 Rh7 85. Be6

    Rh6 86. Bf5 Rh5 87. Bc8 Rh6 88. Ba6 Rg6 89. Nc7 Rg3 90. Bc4 Rc3 91. Na6+

    Ka8 92. Nc5 Rxc4 93. Nxc4 1/2-1/2

  13. 6:20 I would've said h8=N, trying to defend the other pawn.

  14. 2:56 Couldn’t black block with Rb7 instead of taking the bishop? I don’t know if you addressed what that line would look like

  15. The main line is incorrect too. You said that after Nd7+, "Black has to take us", but actually the strongest defense for Black is playing Rc8. The line continues Rxc8+ Kb7 Rb8+ Kc6 Ndxc5. Now we're in a RNNvR endgame, which is a tablebase win for white, but it would take 16 more moves with perfect play.

  16. What if in the first puzzle rather than taking the bishop black blocks the bishop with their rook?

  17. hey nelson i think you forgot to say that in the second position, instead of bf6, kf3 is also OK. computer says its even better that bf6!

  18. I LIKED The second puzzle! The idea about sacrificing the Bishop to get rid of the enemy Pawn is super Genius

  19. The hard part in the second puzzle isn’t finding the best moves, it’s the freaking end game afterwards. I was able to get a queen for white, but then a Queen vs Rook endgame is so tough because the king and rook just dance around eachother in the middle of the board, so I can never get my queen and king close enough to threaten it, and I have to constantly worry about not just hanging my queen, but not letting the rook take my queen at ALL. Because even if I’m protecting it with my king, black can just trade its rook for my queen and stalemate.

  20. You didnt tell that what happen if king takes

  21. at 3:07, he says the only move is to move the king up, but you can also block with the rook. and after he takes and checks again you move on b7 and than if he comes on b8 trying to trap you, you just escape by going where the rook was on c6 and you escape checkmate

  22. I just proved the second puzzle wrong!! If at 7:48 (after Bishop f6) black doesn't take the bishop but plays King e6, black can make it to a draw. Try it yourselves, and like to get ChessVibes read it. Maybe there're other ways to win for white, but it doesn't work this way shown in the video for sure.

  23. I hope you were able to fix your flooding problems. Can we get an update?

  24. 3:40 i somehow managed to find that sweet smuthered checkmate somehow im 750 elo

  25. The emotional voice when spelling the briliiant moves..

  26. 3:19 what prevented him from blocking with the rook? if he'd done that there'd be no smothered mate

  27. I have a chess puzzle on my most recent video if anyone wants to take a crack at it

  28. how do i make the colored circle thing around a square?

  29. You didn't explain how you force a checkmate only with 2 knights using his own pawns .

  30. bros bullying bishop for both puzzles

  31. Me: shows this to my cat
    Cat: Growls in an upsetting way
    Me: Oh no!

    Edit: Turns out the cat was just hungry and we don’t have another mittens.

  32. As a cat,i can confirm that those puzzles are ez

  33. The second puzzle really hates the dark square bishop

  34. And then he sacrifices THE KNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. 4:17 а взять на g7 типо нельзя, там ничья

  36. 1:37 – what do you mean "it's out of scope of this video"? Either you know how to do it or you don't. If the former is the case, show.

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