182 Year Old Chess Puzzle!

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Puzzle FEN:
4R1R1/1k4P1/1p6/p5q1/1p3n2/8/PPP4P/7K w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
George Walker, 1841

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  1. The difficult part is seeing that 2.Rxb6+ fails due to leaving it's control of the 8th rank, and correspondingly the black king's gain of control over the eighth rank via its occupation of the 7th.

  2. Easy win for white. Literally solved this while looking at the thumbnail on YouTube.

  3. What about en passent on c4 ?

  4. Nice, what's the rating of this puzzle? I calculated the line pretty quickly at 1400

  5. Haven't watched….. Just came to say I'm 1400 and this is piss easy.

  6. Yea I'm 600 rated and I got the first check but not the second, lol 🤷

  7. Am i the only one who think this isn’t a fascinating puzzle? 😴

  8. check puzzles is the main reason for me to come to this channel. No one exlains them as nicely and structured as Nelson!

  9. These puzzles are getting older & older…
    👇for him to upload more puzzles

  10. That rook sacrifice was quite hard to spot from a far. But it's absolutely amazing

  11. It's unbelieveable for me how fast I calculated this puzzle completly, because I usually don't see anything after about 2 moves. Thank you for the really interesting position, & I'm happy to be able to solve this one

  12. At long last, I have gotten most of the answers right on a puzzle. I have ascended to GENIUS LEVEL!!!…Nah I'm still trash 🤣

  13. In 1885 there were no chess programs that could have checked the functionality of the chess puzzle and the portion of the errors, so how did the chess puzzle makers make sure there were no mistakes in the chess puzzle?

  14. Looks like it. A rook check and check with other rook then queen or check , check sac check with other rook and still queen.

  15. I saw the rook sacrifice move in one minute and the final game in under 10 minutes. I'm 66 years old, have never read any chess books, never studiet chess, untill I found your chess puzzles and saw some of your tutotorials about defending against some types of openings 2 months ago. I'll note, I've only been playing chess for aprox. 200 hours, starting more than 30 years ago. I'm not telling this to bragg – and I know it doesn't mean I'm escpially good at playing chess – but just to tell you what a profound influence your tutorials have had on my way of thinking chess. Thank you.

  16. I saw the rook sacrifice immediately when that position came up.

  17. The way to solve this puzzle is

    moving the rook out for the pawn to promote while not letting your opponent moving their queen

    I understand this so rook sacrifice is quite easy to spot

  18. The 19th century puzzles seem to be pretty esier than nowadays puzzles. Actually,. I expected all the white moves correctly.

  19. I'm happy Nelson uploads new chess puzzles to solve!!

  20. Once you understand that promoting the pawn is the only way to stop checkmate, the puzzle kind of solves itself

  21. I solved it, but I completely missed calculating the line where white plays Rxb6+.

  22. Why can't the Black King just move to a7 or c7? Would that result that in a checkmate for White, or does it not help White's case? Those are the only moves not explained in the video.

  23. got the puzzle except the ra8/rxb6 situation.

  24. Gotta learn to consider rook sacrifices as a puzzle solution from Gotham.

  25. This was the fastest I've solved a puzzle. The obvious part was that white needed to keep the Black King in check until g8 was cleared for pawn promotion. I quickly looked at White Rb6 check but saw the option that black could decline the sacrifice, ruining any chance of avoiding checkmate. The forced rook sacrifice at a5 was then the obvious move, exposing the king to check by the g8 rook.

  26. so how many others subconsciously heard levy scream "THE ROOOOOOK!!!!" during this vid

  27. I solved it without seeing the wrong moves that seemed to be also answers

  28. Nelson play nelson but you cannot lose anypiece [pawns don't count]

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