16 Pawns, 1 Amazing Chess Puzzle

Puzzle FEN:
8/pk2p3/p3P1p1/1p5p/4Pp1p/PP1K1P1P/P4P2/8 w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
Hadac, Machal, 1967

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  1. No way to find the solution before your explanation. Great puzzle, Nelson.

  2. 4:00 I wonder what the outcome of the game could be if black here starts to move his king down c6 d5/6 d4. Could be a more of a Oppositon game then instead of Zugzwang (or maybe both).

  3. Νικόλαος Παπανικολάου says:

    Remove the red arrow with the note «okay maybe not», because this position can be occur legally.
    White pawns: a2, b2xa3, c2xb3, d2-d4-d5xe6, e2-e4, f2, g2xf3, h2-h3
    Black pawns: a7, b7xa6, c7-c6xb5, d7-d6xe5xf4, e7, f7-f6xg5xh4, g7-g6, h7-h5

  4. 1:01 It's possible if the black pawns have taken 6 pieces altogether. I wonder where the seventh piece was taken.

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