16 Pawns, 1 Amazing Chess Puzzle

Puzzle FEN:
8/pk2p3/p3P1p1/1p5p/4Pp1p/PP1K1P1P/P4P2/8 w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
Hadac, Machal, 1967

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  1. Challenge for the next video:
    Chess against Nelson, but you must move with one TYPE of piece three times. If this is not possible, you will lose.

  2. Hey Nelson I think that you should do proof games for different studies might be interesting

  3. 1:03 OK, let's check. Black has played bxa6, cxb, dxexf, fxgxh, which is 6 captures, nearly matching White's 7 missing pieces. Legal with just a little wiggle room! It's the sort of weird pawn structure you'd only find in a retroanalytical problem.

  4. nice setup, I like it, but the last on was also good.

  5. get chess vibes to 1m subs he's an amazing content creator

  6. Bravo Nelson!!! This a perfect example of Zugzwang🥂🥂

  7. This Nelson guy pretends like he doesn't know that he lost to "the chess nerd"

  8. Nelson how'd u get demolished by a Non-titled 2200 Youtuber

  9. i love your vids keep up the hard work

  10. Room looks great!
    Saw the threat black has but couldn't figure out a way to stop it and win.

  11. Will you resume the 3-position test series and the 5-minute find the move series?

  12. Room is awesome, but I so get used to the angle that we see you in frame. But no worries, we will get used to it too.

  13. Damn man i remember how the room looked when you first started out
    Shows growth 🙏

  14. 3:13 Why not Kg4 here to take the pawn on the following move if pawns don’t run? If the pawn tries to run, you can still make.

  15. I think the pawn position is still possible even with the black double h pawns which came from H pushing and G capturing a piece. The current G pawn is really the F pawn who captured a piece and the current F pawn is really the D pawn that captured two pieces.

  16. New room is looking sharp! 👌 and great vid as always!

  17. I love hes explening and hes ezey to undstand and nice speches i love it its amazing

  18. Day 14 chalenge chess but Martin moves twice If You get chacked in Martin first move you'll lose. Also I'm sick🤒

  19. At 4:55 why move the black king down? If you go up and over the 8th rank, the king doesn't get trapped and can capture the passed pawn.

  20. New setup looking cool. How about Chess against Martin but it's sideways? (The starting position of the board is flipped 90 degrees in either direction)

  21. Black has one more option after a4: a6. This still loses to axb5 axb5 bxa5, but worth including for completeness.

  22. I like the setup, I think just play around with the lighting a bit. I think the original setup lighting did better for your facial features.

  23. Fascinating pawn structure with the shifted symmetry when the kings weren't able to move

  24. i would like to see chess vibes playing fps chess.

  25. I didn't manage to find the answer to that puzzle. I really like the new set up Nelson. The room looks very nice.

  26. I guessed the first move correct by intuition, and genuinely found a4.

  27. Hey, I'm been picking up the kings indian attack,barcza system lately, it's fun and i hope you could do a video about the middle game plan for it

  28. Both room (old and new) look great, but the new one looks better because I didn't get used to look at your room like this, your room never looked bad

  29. This is challenge to you: Nelson Lopez. What is faster way got all pawns like that?

  30. It is nice youtr backwall 👍 I like your puzzels to

  31. At 7:26, after A5, do you really have to take En Passant? Couldn't you just move forward and queen? Even though the king can move over and take the pawn, you still will queen your g pawn.

  32. Nelson – how confident are you in your pronunciation of zugzwang? 😂😂😂

  33. Really enjoying the content and I like the room too.

  34. For once, I actually got the correct first move!!!…..didn't have any clue as to why it was the right move, it just felt right

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