116 Year Old Brilliant Chess Puzzle

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8/8/8/5pp1/8/1K6/2pp1Q2/2k5 w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
Janis Behting, 1907

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  1. 4:15 what if black don't promote his pawn to anything and continuosly forward his f file pawn…??

  2. King C3 would actually work if your opponent has auto queen on and doesn’t temporarily disable using alt

  3. king to c3 is losing because if black promotes to a night you lose ypur queen

  4. There is no way that white can win 😢

  5. Классная задачка, ни разу про такую не слышал. Спасибо автору канала!

  6. 0:17 "Having a Queen against a couple of pawns" bro there are 4 pawns there not two 👀

  7. What if instead of queening black choose Knight with a cheque

  8. At 4:56 you claim that Black is in "Zugzwang" but I'd suggest that black can now play Kb1. This will allow him to get yet another queen on C1 next move and I can't see any way that white can stop it. Once black has two queens I think it's game over for white. It's also quite possible that I'm blundering something here because I'm quite good at that.

  9. 3:19 Makes no sense, I'm not sure what's stopping black from grabbing a queen and checking the white king and taking the queen

  10. wait what about black moves the queen to d3? checking the white king and move him out of that area? then u also can promote the other pawn later on or something, instead of black moving the king

  11. What happens if they make a horse rather than a Queen there?

  12. At 2:54, why can't black take a rook instead of a queen, check, take the queen?

  13. Pronounce Zugzwang as "Tsoog Tswung". The German Z comes with a built in T

  14. Instead of queen, why not use a knigth? For D1 if white move king to C3? Edit: nvm you mention it later in the video eheg

  15. I found king c3 and thought I was a genius. Then I saw the knight…

  16. I am wondering why Qc5 is not a better move?
    if pawn advances to D1 and promotes to knight, Qc2 is checkmate.
    If pawn is promoted to Queen on D1, Qa3 is check and mate in the next move.
    If king moves to d1, Q c2 is checkmate. Am I missing something?🤔

  17. Actually there are many tricky KQ vs KP positions where it's not clear at all how the KQ side could win. Add three more pawns and it can be a nightmare.

  18. I rejected Qf3 because i didn't see the next move.My answer was QA7, PE1(Q), QA1!

  19. It would take over 41 years in Hong Kong if you ate at one new restaurant every day, 273 years in Shanghai but the king is Tokyo where it would take 375 years!

  20. Yep but on the two-hundred and fifth you'd get dysentery and stop.

  21. After pawn f4 white have queen a7 and win in turn.

  22. I know virtually nothing about chess, but I enjoyed the video. Very nicely done.

  23. I don't understand how this is supposed to be a puzzle. You yourself mentioned like half a dozen ways to win. This isn't how does white win, it's just how long can black hold on.

  24. Would Queen to E2 not also work for when you say “Queen to F2 is the only winning move”?

  25. @5:30 why not just advance the black queen to d3. The white king is now in check and the only move for white is to retreat the king to b4

  26. this actually wasnt that hard of a puzzle, i imagine 116 years ago it probably was but the insight of knowing the defense of promotions to knights and zugzwang as being something you should learn very early on in chess nowdays. it should be very straight forward of how to solve this. theres only 1 square to move the queen in the first move that makes any sense

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