Chess puzzles

Are you eager to use all the tools that exist out there to improve your play? If so, we strongly recommend that you try out solving chess puzzles. They can serve as an additional training practice apart from the main game studies. Further, we explain how to use them. Also, you’ll get familiar with the benefits one can have from this kind of learning.

Chess puzzles

How does it work?

Essentially, a chess puzzle is a composition on the chessboard. It represents a certain situation that invites you to find the best solution. Whoever tries to solve it should come up with the most appropriate move. Thus, you can quickly check your expertise in the game. Besides, it makes you apply and grow logical skills.

Since you don’t see the beginning, it’s your task to figure out the previous moves. In many cases, it helps evaluate the current situation on the board more precisely. Some puzzles even put it as the main goal.

Apart from calculating former moves or the best ones to do, there are other variations. Some puzzles suggest that a solver deduces where the missing piece was captured. Another possible objective is to define whether the right to castle has been lost. As you can see, there are many options. So everyone can pick one according to their liking.

The advantages of chess puzzles

Most riddles of the sort offer hints in case you can’t cope with them. This way, you can learn and fill your gaps in chess. After all, it’s about recognizing the patterns. The more puzzles you solve, the easier you figure out recurrent tactical themes.

They are graded by difficulty. Therefore, you can find ones for both novices and intermediate players. Thanks to that, the process of learning becomes more customized.

What’s the result? If you work on puzzles diligently and consistently, the progress won’t make you wait. They serve as a perfect training ground for your analytical and tactical skills. Even the toughest chess opponents will be easily taken down after such preparation. Chess puzzles, news, and other content found at


Chess puzzles allow you to take a break from standard forms of chess. Instead of playing the complete game from start to finish, you deal with one fragment. And it’s not any less engaging. After that, you can return to your usual practices with a fresh mind and enhanced skills.